New Shirt Sales are “In the Pink”

By Eduardo Ratner

The Cancer Club at Miami Country Day is at it again, this year with their largest in-campus merchandise store, they introduced a new product unlike any other; neon pink, Dri Fit, Club shirts! The first of its kind, people questioned how they were able to order them if school rules strictly state that only Sports shirts are able to come in a Dri Fit material. Apparently, Ms. Greenfield, the adviser of the Walk for Cancer “club,” said earlier this week “We had ordered a large quantity of shirts prior to consent, so once they came in, Mr. Oronoz decided it was best to make an exception.”  Says Mr. Oronoz, “Walk the Walk is the only ALL School Community Service that is not considered a club making it uniquely similar to the 75th year anniversary lime green polo shirt allowed to ALL grades, PK to 12th.”  And that exception was well received; the club shirts are selling extremely fast.  It is easy to see that most people, from lower school students to upper school students to teachers, in fact, love the new shirts.

As for the design, Walk for Cancer Chair Jackie Groll, was the mind behind the color and theme symbol idea for the shirts, “Everyone seemed to like the idea, I knew the new neon color addition would spark its popularity!”  And it did just that; I myself purchased 4 of the club shirts, as I simply can’t afford to miss out on comfort and fashion any day of the week while also getting to contribute to such a great cause!

The creation of these new shirts definitely raises one important question: Will other clubs be able to use the same material for their shirts? According to Mr. Oronoz, Dean of Students, the answer is no.  This is a one-time only exception based on an accidental order. Since this “is our largest fund raising organization, it’s only fair we let these actions slide, after all, it is for the benefit of Cancer research,”  said Mr. Oronoz. However, the dri-weave material will otherwise remain, as it was always intended, for student athletes only.  Therefore, if you haven’t yet purchased a shirt, you better Hurry up; these shirts are limited and they’re selling fast!