First Impression on new parking



So here’s the thing; I’m not at all fond of the new School parking regime. For those coming North, Barry parking lot is an extremely unpleasant detour. Worse than that, we’re on God’s time clock given the fact that a shuttle is in charge of taking us to and back from school, and if you miss it, well, just be happy that Barry parking is public and free.

It’s safe to say that I, as opposed to most of the students, have had quite possibly the worst 2 weeks of my life working within the new transportation schedule. Look, im not going to lie here; i’m colossally lazy; lazy to the point where I’d rather watch the endless void of blackness on a turned off T.V screen than get up and walk 0.76 feet to the remote which I had forgotten to grab before sitting down. And that’s probably an understatement. While they’re are those who played the early hand and secured spots at the nearby Pizzeria and Florist for parking, I am amongst the very few (10 kids at max) who refused to pay for parking close to school when I feel i should already have had that right to begin with, and also I missed out. Nonetheless, parking at Barry was not going to happen. So what did i do? That’s right, I did the exact opposite of what I was supposed to.

I began the process of utter abyssal distress when I decided to Park in the guest parking at the North Lot of school. Unbeknown to me, it had become a parking for the faculty; i was lucky enough to attempt to park in (Coincidentally) the same spot as Dangelo only to learn to that it was his own reserved spot; I met with trouble and things only went downhill from there. I then decided to park at the Quik-E-Mart for the day and returned later to see that my car was gone. In utter rage, I called every Tow company known to man until finally after 4 endless calls, I found the correct one; and it was only 35 minutes away! On the Highway! Yeah, that’s far. Not only that, I found myself with a “Bargain” price of 200$ to recover my car, which supposedly had only been in the Tow Yard for 10 minutes! Finally, after I had given up, I decided i would park in Barry the next day and save myself all the possible consequences of doing otherwise. Except… I couldn’t find the Barry Parking! Being that I was absent when the information was given, I had to ask the students near the sreet walking towards school and no one was able to give me a formidable answer. Heck, They couldn’t even give me a proper street name! It only took me a whopping 25 mintues before I actually found the Parking zone, which by the way is hidden deep within the Gallows of the Shadowy Mist of The Forgotten-Lost Lands of the Unknown Mysteries of the Uncharted Seas of the Secret Temples. The best part of my god awful journey? The shuttle was nowhere in sight when I arrived. I had to wait 20 minutes until final, the bus decided to arrive!

Let me tell you, if I ever find myself visiting the school after graduation for whatever reason, I better see the most enticing, Beautiful, and colossal Parking Lot I have ever seen in my life (With built in coffee stations at every parking spot, and complimentary lounges with free wifi and cuisine service) because I can’t express enough how much I detest the temporary parking regime.