Minimester Sign Ups Skyrocket


For many students, minimester is the best part of the school year. They get to try something new or indulge their passions without the pressures of high school and college applications weighing on their psyche. Which one they’ll choose first is probably the most common conversation topic at the beginning of year, and many students strategize their listings to ensure they get placed in something that fits their personality and friend group.

In previous years, determined students have arrived at MCDS as early as 6am to ensure they were first in line during the annual form turn in. For underclassmen, it was their only chance to get one of the more popular slots. But even upperclassmen occasionally woke up early – competition for senior favorites Behind the Potter’s Wheel and Yoga have always been fierce, and the determined sculptor or Yogi has often been forced to rush to the SAC in the wee hours of the morning in order to ensure a week of fun.

But this year, minimester sign up has seen some changes. Instead of having students fill out forms and stand in line for hours, Ms. Smith used Google forms to even the playing field. Though upperclassmen still receive priority placement, inter-grade placement is now determined by how long it takes you to pick from a drop down menu.

Students took to the new system with gusto. Even senior advisories were counting down this morning, ready to put their bid in for their favorite. In the first minute, over 180 students had finished selecting, and by the end of advisory, 407 of the 423 upper school students enrolled this year had submitted their choices for minimester 2016. Rumors about who had “won” and been the first to get theirs in dominated first period in a few classes, and Ms. Smith confirmed that junior Chiara Settineri had been the fastest, at 22 seconds. 
But no matter how long it took you to get the form in, we can all rest easy knowing minimester is sure to be as great as ever. As always, may the odds be ever in your favor.