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The playlist controversy

The playlist controversy

By Leilani Lorenze April 20, 2022

Music commonly finds itself at the pinnacle of the “hype” around a sports event at Miami Country Day School. As a member of the Varsity Girls Soccer Team, the music played during our pre-game warm-ups...

Last weekends pro-life rally organized by the Respect Life Ministry.

Pro-Life and Pro-Choice: One Student’s Opinion

By Giulianna Bruce, Editor in Chief October 12, 2020

  ALL-FLORIDA WINNER 2021 SPRING   “Abortion kills children” “Abortion hurts women” “PRAY TO END ABORTION” These are just three of the crude slogans seen at...

SpartansSpeak: “True Democracy at Work”

By Sabrina Morata, Staff Reporter September 21, 2020

"History is meant to teach and allow us to grow," but when those who fail to listen or understand those lessons hold onto their prejudices and hateful ideas, lives are lost. So believes Junior Sabrina...

Arielle Germeus is a senior at MCDS who encourages everyone to think before you speak.

Being Black at a Predominantly White School

By Arielle Germeus, Guest Commentator August 30, 2020

This editorial originally was published online over the summer. We felt it merited a place in "Spartan Speak." I never truly felt like an outsider or a minority until I went to a predominantly white...

This is just one of the many memorials set up for  Justice for George. This mural is in Minneapolis.

Fear the Nameless Army

By Giulianna Bruce, Editor in Chief June 16, 2020

We are living in a police state. That is, a country in which the police-- especially a secret police force --summarily suppresses any social, economic, or political act that conflicts with the ruling party...

It’s a Holly Hobbie illustration come to life, says Isabel Slone of the New York Times.

Can “Cottagecore” Help Save the World?

By Giulianna Bruce, Staff Writer May 11, 2020

What, you’ve never heard of cottagecore? Then you’re probably not of that nostalgia-like mindset that eschews technology and bustle for fairie-like dreams and beautiful cushiony surroundings. You’re...

In November over 30 MCDS students volunteered their time with children and teens in Honduras making friends that will last a lifetime.

A Hug Costs Nothing

By Sasha Vaygensberg, Staff Reporter February 13, 2020

As we begin to think about our upcoming X-Term plans for next month, reporter Sasha Vaygensberg looks back on her Fall experience serving others in Honduras. Day 1: We just arrived in Honduras and are...

While millions protest around the world, there are still some who believe that climate change does not exist.

Believing in Science

By Sofia Paredes , Co-Editor in Chief December 5, 2019

Two plus two is four. Obviously.  A force of gravity allows us to walk on the ground at all times. Basic stuff.  The Earth is round. But, wait, is it?  When I first heard of “flat-earthers,”...

The BSU Board 2019-2020: Rianna, Asha, Tatiana and Ashley

Students Speak Out

By Spartacus Editors, OpEd October 2, 2019

On September 18, an unfortunate outburst in the lunchroom set off a community-wide series of divisive events that ultimately may provide an opportunity for healing. Following last week's leave of absence...

Does the hemline of a skort really detract from scholarly pursuits?

Skort Lengths – One Student’s Opinion

By Giulianna Bruce, Staff Writer September 22, 2019

I’ll begin with the fact that I respect most rules. Shorts and skorts at MCDS “cannot be too form-fitting” and “must be fingertip length or longer.” On the surface, this rule seems to be sensible....

Do YOU know this man? His name is Gary Butts.

The Gap in “One Community”

By Giulianna Bruce, Staff Writer April 11, 2019

          The festivities and chaos of Homecoming 2018 left MCDS senior Nicole Lovera with one burning question: what was the dress code for the final day of Homecoming week? Determined to find an...

Senior Isabella Pedraza

The Fear I Carry

By Isabella Pedraza, Op Ed Guest October 22, 2018

An Op Ed Submission by Isabella Pedraza It’s 2018 and our nation is divided. We’ve lost touch with the other side, refusing to listen to each other’s arguments and understand each other’s...

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