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The BSU Board 2019-2020: Rianna, Asha, Tatiana and Ashley

Students Speak Out

On September 18, an unfortunate outburst in the lunchroom set off a community-wide series of divisive events that ultimately may provide an opportunity for healing. Following last week’s leave of absence and eventual resignation of Upper School Director Dana Vignale, frustrations ran high on both sides. Opinions flowed. Some people were confused; others, saddened. Others simply want to move forward. Many students, parents and faculty members had a chance to speak with Mrs. Hufford and others.  The Black Student Union members felt they wanted to express their opinions in a public forum and the editorial staff at The Spartacus feels this is exactly the right place to publish their expressions. Our journalistic mission is clear: we are here to serve the community and provide a space for the free exchange of ideas. We believe that student-determined expression promotes democratic citizenship, as demonstrated by public engagement representative of the diversity within our community. With that in mind, we encourage you to read these opinions and share some of your own.

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