Life Amid Corona- A Video Series

Our Community Speaks Out

What binds us is our connection to Miami Country Day.  But what connects us on a much deeper level are our shared stories. Digital storytelling is one way to bring us all closer as a community. Click on the story images to watch each video. (And check often as well will be updating this section as stories come in.)

Life at Home

By Carina Lehite, Guest Reporter, Spartan TV Miami

Middle school reporter  Carina L investigates everyone living under the same roof at her house.  Produced for Spartan TV Miami as part of the Middle School Broadcasting elective taught by Ms. Davis

Parents Tackling New and Old Roles

Pandemic Affects Friends Across the Country

By Morgan Dent, Staff Reporter

Whether here in Miami or out in the Midwest, students are having many of the same experiences facing the Corona pandemic. Junior reporter Morgan Dent checked in on some of her friends from her former school to see how their experiences compare with hers right here. Produced for Spartan TV in Upper School Broadcasting at Miami Country Day School.

Missing Friends and Finding New Hobbies
Staying Put in NC

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