No Shave November is a No-No :(

Sorry guys, you won’t be able to go through with No Shave November this year! Young men annually look forward to this time of the year to grow out their beard and show their manliness and maturity. According to the Illinois State University’s News Source, No Shave November can be traced back to Australia in 2004, where men started the tradition of No Shave November, where they grew out their beards for the 30 days of November, to raise awareness for prostate cancer and depression in men.

Nowadays, young men in high school and college want to participate in No Shave November to show off their manly face. This week, Junior Sam Cohen expressed on the Student Government Facebook page his desire to participate in No Shave November to support cancer patients that are losing their hair as an effect of chemotherapy. This gave the boys in high school a lot of hope, until the morning at school when Mr. Oronoz told Sam to shave immediately.

Since most men do not get a chance to donate their hair like girls do, when No Shave November comes along, it gives them an opportunity to raise awareness for Cancer. When Sam got asked what he thought about No Shave November and what inspired him to want to grow out his beard this month, he said “No shave November is a month where men get an opportunity to raise awareness and grow out their beards, this also gets you to save money that you would usually use on razors and shaving cream, and you can donate that money for cancer research.”

Mr. Oronoz stated that he completely encourages and supports cancer awareness, but he believes there are other efficient ways to do so without defying our school policy. Multiple boys in the high school were questioned, and they can all agree that not having to shave for one month would make them feel more manly and proud of their ability to grow beards. The fact that they can do that while raising awareness for a good cause makes them feel even more accomplished.