The Spartacus



The Spartacus and Spartan TV (known collectively as “Spartacus”) are school publications produced by students, for distribution and transmission to members of and those interested in the Miami Country Day School community and shall be public forums for expression by student reporters and editors. Spartacus publishes complete and accurate coverage across platforms online and in print through journalistically responsible, ethically reported and edited content. We hold that student-determined expression promotes democratic citizenship through public engagement diverse in both ideas and representation.

The content of both The Spartacus and Spartan TV is determined by the staff and does not necessarily reflect the opinions or policies of Miami Country Day School’s faculty, administration, advisers or student body.

Letters to the editor and guest commentaries may be published in excerpts or full at the discretion of the editorial staff.  The views, thoughts and opinions expressed in letters, excerpts and guest columns are the writer’s alone and do not necessarily reflect those of any other party, including the opinions or policies of the staff. The editors review all submissions including letters to the editors, advertising, guest commentaries and reserve the right to edit, publish and refuse material. Reasons for refusal can include length, clarity, libel, obscenity, and/or material disruption of the educational process at Miami Country Day School.

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