• December 16Ben Malamed & Tucker Horstmeyer win the 2020 Spartan Cup Business Challenge!

2020-2021 Staff

Karen S. Davis, CJE


Karen S. Davis is an Emmy-winning Producer/Writer, nationally certified Journalism Educator, avid photographer, digital storyteller and proud adviser to The Spartacus and Spartan TV. Where I Was Born:   Kingston, NY Why I joined The Spa...

Giulianna Bruce

Editor in Chief

Giulianna Bruce is a senior at MCDS and she’s so excited to be this year's Editor-in-Chief of The Spartacus! Giulianna joined three years ago with the intention of informing the school community by writing about important top...

Andrew Weaver

Campus News Editor

Andrew Weaver is a senior at MCDS and he is thrilled to serve as Campus News Editor this year. Since joining The Spartacus in his junior year, Weaver has written investigative pieces on ongoing political developments from the...

Morgan Dent

Online Editor

This is Senior Morgan's second year at MCDS, second on The Spartacus and first as our Online Editor.

Ana Laura Muniz Rodriguez

Staff Reporter

This is Ana's first year on The Spartacus.

Sabrina Morata

Staff Reporter

This is Junior Sabrina's first year on The Spartacus.

Michael Claramonte

Staff Reporter

Michael Claramonte is a Freshman and cub reporter for The Spartacus.

Zoe Terry

Staff Reporter

This is Freshman Zoe Terry's first year on The Spartacus. She is an outspoken advocate for positivity and social justice.

Kara Colon

Staff Reporter

Kara Colon joined The Spartacus team her sophomore year of high school. As a  senior, Kara hopes to entertain as well as inform the Miami Country Day community about school news and information. Kara enjoys dancing and listeni...

Sasha Vaygensberg

Staff Reporter

Sasha Vaygensberg is a senior at MCDS and she’s so excited to return back to The Spartacus this year! Sasha joined The Spartacus last year to pursue her passion in journalism and help educate the school community on importa...

Jackie Ludicke

Staff Reporter

Jackie is a senior at MCDS. This is her third year on the staff.

Sofia Vasileva

Staff Reporter

This is Sofia Vasileva's second year as a member of The Spartacus and she is a sophomore of the class of 2023. She hopes to continue discovering new passions and interests in her high school years and her time at the Spartacus....

Julian De La Cadena

Staff Writer

As a second year staffer of The Spartacus, Julian has become an active member and reporter on the team. In his free time, Julian enjoys mixing and playing music, developing entrepreneurial ideas and spending time with family. Jul...

Ryan Mendelson

Sports Reporter

This is Senior Ryan Mendelson's second year on staff. Where I Was Born      Miami, Florida Why I joined The Spartacus    To further my knowledge in the field of writing and to stay proactive in the community. What I’m Passionate Abo...