Wii U Biggest Hit Release: Super Smash Bros Wii U!

It’s that time of year again. Yes haha, it is in fact christmas, but I think we can all agree, that better than that, is what could quite possibly be the most awaited Video Game release of our generation. That right, The nintendo announced Super Smash Bros for the Wii U released Friday last week, and it most definitely has fans going crazy! The game itself has reached third in the NPD charts as nintendo secures it’s best week since the launch of the original Wii released in 2006! Just on launch day, nintendo managed to sell more than 800,000 units. My and friends and I all got copies, and let me tell you, they do not lie when they say it is the best Super Smash ever made; as voted by the Smash Board Community in an E3 Online Poll.

Daniel Kassin, a senior at MCDS had his own comments about the game; “I didn’t really like the previous installment, that’s why I had my doubts when I heard the Wii U version was short to arise, but after about a week of playing, it’s safe to say this is easily the best game in the whole serious!”. Jorge Castro, also a senior, was quite impressed with the brand new 50 person character roster, “From 32 to 50! that’s 18 new characters! As if 32 wasn’t enough! I can’t wait until I unlock all the characters”. But perhaps the biggest feature that has fans going crazy is the Brand New 8- person smash mode, which enables 8 players to ensue chaos in a single game! Most people believed the Wii U wouldn’t have had the capacity to do so! The game also features a brand new graphics AI system giving it a new fluid, vivid, and realistic environmental gameplay feel; something all the previous releases lacked. The New Super Smash has nintendo fans going crazy, and we can’t wait to see the DLC that will come.