Parking Update

It may be a little weird making a detour to school every morning for the rest of the school year now that you have to park at the off-site parking, located near Barry University.A great deal of students and faculty members find that the shuttle has been and is working well. Others have looked for alternatives, like parking at a nearby friends house, paying a fee to park in the lot of a local business or use some other method that they are not speaking of.  Roughly 30 students and faculty have made arrangements to park their car at a friends house who lives close, or are paying a hefty fee to park at one of the local businesses across the street from the school. Parking spots across the street are going for as much as $100 a month or  $600 for the entire time students need to park. This method of parking across the street at either The Flower Shop, Pizza Point, or Aguila Restaurant & Supermarket has proven to be the most popular way parking to avoid  riding the “party” bus (shuttle).


“Its actually really nice riding the shuttle” says Justin Gross modestly. Suffice to say, the “party” bus is good enough for anyone who doesn’t want to go through the hassle of trying to find alternate arrangements. Mr. Oronoz kept to his word that a shuttle bus is waiting for you at either the school or parking lot should you need a ride to either location. Since the off-site parking has commenced, there have been no complaints about the shuttle. In fact, many people are enjoying the new rental buses.The rental busses were wrapped with athletic photos of our varsity players and a summer programs advertisement. “The interior is very nice,” says senior Taylor Mashburn.


The first few days were like parking wars for those on campus. Many of the faculty and staff were caught in incorrect spaces because of someone else parking in their spot, which then caused a domino effect. After a day or two the situation(s) has rectified, and everyone has been able to park in their assigned spots. At one point there were students parked on campus because they did not know their way to the off-site parking. Those students have since received clarification, no consequence was given,  and all is well.


Overall, it really seems that students and faculty can only be satisfied with the decisions they have made in regards to parking. Construction will begin shortly after the ground breaking ceremony.