Battle of the Bands Offers Big Rewards for the Winner


Music filled the campus this morning as the grades battled it out for the Battle of the Bands title – and the thirty points a win represented. Points-starved Seniors tried to pull a win with a mash up of Hey Ya by Outkast and Pitbull, but ultimately couldn’t get the title. Neither could the Sophomores or the Freshman – only the Juniors could take the big prize, with students Nadine Bloch and Alex Slezynger fronting the set.

Some students wondered whether all the lyrics were appropriately positive, while others were frustrated because they could not hear the words. Therefore, The Spartacus is publishing the scripts (provided in advance to Ms. Kelly and the judges) for each of the performances.  Enjoy!

1st – 11




Somwhere over the highschool

Way up high

theres a class that i heard of

once in a lullaby

Someday I wish upon a star

I’ll wake up with underclassmen far behind me

Where seniors will lose once again

And we will conquer all as friends

That’s where you’ll find 2017.

And If you ever find yourself stuck in the weather emergency

I’ll sail the school to find you

If you ever find yourself lost in the halls and you can’t see,

I’ll be the light to guide you

Find out what we’re made of

When we are called to help our friends in need

You can count on me like class of 2017

We’ll be there

And I know when I need it I can count on you like we’ll help you

We’ll be there

‘Cause that’s what classes are supposed to do


If everybody was a junior

Across Countey day

Then everybody’d be winning

Homecoming today

You’d seem ’em Reppin Hawaii

And wearing sandals too

Cause class of twenty seventeen is

Surfin’ Honolu(lu)

You’d catch ’em wining basketball

The brain bowl and movie

Tug of War and Handball

Each event you see

And the seniors are crying

Cause they’re gonna lose

Every junior’s gone surfin’

Surfin’ Honolu(lu)

Hey freshmen how you doing

Excited to place fourth?

Hey sophomores nice class colors

But we called ‘em first

Shout out to the seniors

At least you won’t place fourth

Make some noise if you’re a junior

And light your tiki torch

Every junior’s gone surfin

Surfin honolu(lu)
2nd – 12


Jose: I remind you to be attentive and respectful because Miami is the best city. Today we have a special guest, author of Prince of Los Cocuyos, Richard Blanco!!

Madisyn: interrupts and whispers to ornoz

Jose: I’m sorry to say but due to a big sale at Winn Dixie, RIchard Blanco will not be here. Instead, let’s give it up for miami royalty, Pitbull!!




Give me everything

Seniors going down?

Yeah, right! Picture that with snapchat

Or better yet, go to the SAC

Take a picture of me with your snapchat

Took the score from negative to positive

I just want y’all to know that

And tonight, lets enjoy life

Pitbull, Oronoz, Amelio

Thats right


Tonight I want all seniors tonight

Give me everything tonight

For all we know we might not get tomorrow

Let’s do it tonight


Don’t care what they say

Seniors all the way

Nothing is enough

Til we win the cup

*someone with trophy walks on


Lets do it tonight


I want you tonight

I want you to stay

I want you tonight


Shoutout to Miami Country Day

Give me everything tonight

Give me everything tonight

Give me everything tonight

Give me everything tonight



Take advantage of tonight

Cause tomorrow I’m not going to class I got senioritis

But tonight, I gotta shave my beard

And study for a math test


This is insane: the way the name growin’

Points keep flowin’

Juniors move aside

So, I’m tiptoein’, to keep flowin’

I got it locked up like the Sac in track 5 (???)


Put it on my life, baby,

Seniors do it right, baby

Can’t promise tomorrow

But, I promise tonight




Welcome to Miami – Will Smith


Uh, uh, yea, yea, yea, yea, uh

Miami, uh, uh

2016 bringing the heat, uh

Haha, can y’all feel that

Can y’all feel that

jig it out, uh


Here I am in the place where the seniors rule

Miami Country Day where its oh so cool

Everday like the carnival

everybody party all day, no work all play, jk.

So we rushing back to class got this test to kill

Underclassmen in the halls back away from fear

We nothing less than real…8 more than 92 like them tests you fail

2016! Filled with much greatness, real sweet faces, every different nation:

Spanish, Hatian, Indian, Jamaican…Black, White, Cuban, and Asian

We only supposed to be here 8 hours a day

but every time we come we always wind up stayin’

This the type of school people spend a few nights in

Miami Country Day, just how them seniors like it


Party in the city where the heat is on

All night, on the beach till the break of dawn

Welcome to Miami

Buenvenidos a Miami


Hey Ya – Outkast


One, two, three, four!-Lindsey


Miami don’t mess around

It’s the best location and

This I know fo sho!


And Seniors got it this year

I know we haven’t really done well before


Don’t try to fight the spirit

that 2016 has got right now


Thank you Country Day

For keeping us together

Like we don’t know how


Thank ya! Thank ya!

Thank ya! Thank ya!

Thank ya! Thank ya!

Thank ya! Thank ya!


We know we got

Seniors, we know we got it

We made it far, but still have six months to go-ooooo


Oh, we get together

in school, we get together

But it feels so much better when there’s winning invoooo-lved


Know what they say is:

Nothing lasts forever!

Then what makes, then what makes

Then what makes, then what makes

Then what makes us(?) the exception?

So why, oh, why, oh

Why, oh, why, oh, why, oh

Are underclassman in denial think they’re gonna win this yeeeaaarrrrrrr (ANNUCIATE PLZ)


We’re(<super quick) Seen-yas




Hey! alright now! alright now, fellas!


Who’s gonna win this year?


I can’t hear ya! I say what’s, who’s gonna win this year?


Alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright alright!
3rd – 9

Class of 2019

New York State of Mind:

Some say seniors always win but that this year it will begin to change

Freshman class of 2019 gonna change the game

Honolulu, Miami, LA will be left behind

Freshmen in a New York State of Mind


Empire State of Mind:

Yeah straight out from middle school now we’re in the big leagues

Sitting next to seniors thinking they’re the big cheese

But now we got that passion trying to make reactions

Didn’t include first years when you were thinking about the factors

Cause we got such talent, athletic, artistic, musical

We could really win this wouldn’t that be so amusing though

Seniors got experience but come on are you hearing this

We got the motivation going all out like we’re clearances

Hoco is amazing these opportunities so divine

Given every single one of us our own place to shine

And we got the best city I mean it’s kinda crazy

We got fourth pick we got a city so amazing

And we’re climbing to the top yeah we’re that king kong

We’re on top of it if you do a single thing wrong

And we’ll beat you fairly completely kosher no pork

You definitely wanna help us I mean you gave us


New York

Standing taller than the empire

Yes we’ve got that fire

We’re blessed with New York

Lights so blinding and then there’s Broadway

And we’ll win this our way

The best is New York, New York, New York


Change to New York New York:


For Freshman there’s no blues

It’s all going our way

First years are coming here in droves to save the day


And once we win this year

We’re destined every year

It’s all about us Freshman in New York (Crash Can ending)
4th – 10





Intro on bass…

Bobby: Hoomcoming

came by so fast

Gaby: Theme LA is the beest

Bobby: I met a grade crazy as can be

Gaby: They’re called sophomores, class of 18

Together: LA will beat you all, oo uhh, if you dare join the brawl

Nick, John, Izzy: Well oh well oh well oh uhh

Nick, John, Izzy: Tell me more tell me more will they get very far?

Yak: Tell me more tell me more will they leave New York scarred?

Together: Boys: doo Girls: uh huh boy: do doo Girls: uh huh x4

Bobby: Honalulu saw us and cramped

Gaby: Miami … yeah nuff saaid

Bobby: We got strength, skills, and the smarts

Gaby: Stick together we’ll go farrrr (hold for a few seconds)

Together: Hoco, came by so fast (oo uh) LA is the beeeessstttttttt

Drum transition: doo doom duh doom dah dum dum da dum


I Know a grade

Where everyone can work together

We, have LA

That’s really no pressure

You could travel the world

But nothing comes close to the Golden Coast

You can root with us

We’ll be falling in love

Ohhh ohh ohhh


Sophomores guys and girls are unforgettable

We know we can rise to the top

Not too old or young but still exceptional

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Sophomore grade we are undeniable

Fine, fresh, fierce, we got it on lock

LA represent now put your hands up (ALL INSTRUMENTS STOP PLAYING)

(START CLAPPING) oh oh oh oh oh ..sophomore class, sophomore class, sophomore class,


Check soon for updated scores…