New Rule – Please Read Carefully

Mrs. Kelly, Student Govenment Adviser, just sent the following message to the upper school faculty and asked that The Spartacus publish the news as soon as possible:


“The Student Government just had a vote on additional Homecoming Rules, effective immediately:

  1. For each event, each team will chose a captain. That person will stand on the sidelines but not actually participate in the activity. If there is a problem between a referee or judge and a participant that goes beyond a regular, respectful discussion between the ref/judge and the participant, the captain will be the only person allowed to address the ref/judge. (Keep in mind that 99% of the time the participants and the judges/refs are all very familiar with what they’re doing, so they can usually handle it between themselves.)
    2. If a ref/judge requests that an event participant be ejected from an event, that player must leave at once or risk team disqualification. If, after the event, more discussion is deemed necessary, the team Captain for the event and the player in question will be the only people allowed to speak with the ref/judge. If other spectators or participants attempt to get involved, they risk team disqualification.
    3. No one in the crowd may address a ref or judge. That is the job of the event coach, who will be named on the roster. Any crowd member who addresses a ref or a judge risks disqualifying their team.”