Time to Rock


After weeks of debating what the theme for the big show would be this year, CME finally decided upon decades. In past years CME has put on such extraordinary shows like Woodstock and Motown. Once the band members decided on the theme of the show- a musical journey through the decades- the hardest part was choosing a certain number of songs from the plethora of good ones out there. The songs that will make up the final set list are ones that everyone knows and can be found throughout Rolling Stone magazine’s top 500 songs of all time. On the set list are songs from artists ranging from Nirvana to Elvis, and the music is all top notch. This is the final big show for seniors Joshua Hug, Maddie Hertz, and Austin Whitaker. Meanwhile this will be the first big show for the 5 new members of 21 Hearts 1 Beat. Also be on the lookout for senior Amelio Joseph’s special appearance. Come see the big show in the Nathan Hurst Amphitheater starting at 7:30 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday!