Miami Country Day Hires CIO

Miami Country Day Hires CIO

Now more than ever our students, teachers, and faculty have been using technology on campus to have a better learning experience. Just as the humanities and STEM have their own department heads it was thought that technology would need its own leader. This leader would oversee IT, educational tech, Data web services, the scheduling system, registration and many more areas in MCDS which use technology to bring unity and conformity to all areas.

The Dean of faculty, Ms. Maxwell,  said, “We needed somebody to pull the whole all parts of the technology team together as it’s expanding.”

To lead the technology team, MCDS has chosen to hire Lindsey George as CIO, or Chief Information Officer, to help organize all things relating to technology in our school.

In an e-mail announcing that Lindsey George would be assuming the position of CIO, Dr. Davies wrote, “In January we began a search process which took three months to complete.  We interviewed candidates from Miami and around the country.  I’m happy to share with you that Lindsay George has accepted the position of Chief Information Officer.”

During the selection process, the needs of the students were not ignored.  Chiara Settineri, Chris Ward, and Sofia Zamboli were chosen to represent the student body. Chris Ward said, “We asked the potential CIOs their positions on various issues we had around the school and how they could potentially resolve it.”

Ms. George is very qualified for the job. She had previously worked at UM for 16 years holding titles such as programmer/ analyst, Director of Information Security, Chief Academic Technology Officer and Executive Director of Strategic Initiatives. “I’m very confident that she will take the wonderful programs, people and systems that we currently have in place and help us continue to evolve as we seek to meet the ever growing tech demands for a school serving 1250 students,” said Dr. Davies.