Scholastic Students’ Success

For the past 6 years, students have had the opportunity to submit both literary and visual works to the regional Scholastic Art & Writing Awards sponsored by Miami Writes. Each year, we’ve had multiple winners and this was no exception. Highest honors went to Danielle Geathers and Karen Rosenbloom who won 2 Silver Keys each for their literary and journalistic work. * Fifteen other students won awards.

Humanities teacher and program facilitator Samuel Brown adds, “Though we don’t have a formal creative writing class, our students have achieved much success as creative writers. …I am always impressed by students’ efforts and willingness to take the initiative by entering their poems, plays, essays and stories for outside adjudication.”

Brown mentioned some past standout writers like Melissa Benedek (‘17), Sydni Wells (‘16), and Francess Dunbar (‘16) who “have earned national recognition as well, including national publication, recognition at Carnegie Hall and thousands in prize money. So there’s always a little excitement because that possibility has actually come true for some.”

Brown concludes by thanking “the several other teachers who have cultivated the young writers who have enjoyed this success — the English teachers and Spartacus nurture talent, and many entries actually emerge from these classes.”

Here’s a shout-out to those who won awards:

Literary Awards:

Danielle Geathers, Maya Kreger, Karen Rosenbloom, Evelyn Abramowitz, Andrea Berman, Natalie Berman, Anthony Cervone, Arian Djahed, Krystal Leyva, Isabella Pedraza, Michael Athanassiadis, Ana Machado Rusconi and Eva Harari.

Visual Art Awards:

Michael Mcpherson, Isabella Serralles, Harrison Breslow, and Mia Batista.

If you would like to see and read some of these Scholastic acclaimed pieces, students work will be exhibited in Arnold Hall at Miami-Dade County Fair from March 15th- April 8th.

  • Correction: Maya Kreger’s story also received a Silver Key, alongside the seniors.