The Results: Which words or phrase do you most overuse?


Photograph by Wordle

What’s YOUR most overused word or phrase?

The results of our Feb 13-21 poll are in. The clear winner was the acronym “WTF” to which 42 people (students and faculty) responded in the days we had the poll up, with 19 votes or 23% of the responses. Coming in second was “Bro” at 16 votes. Tied for third place with 9 votes each were “OMG” and “Like.” “Dude” and “Lit” came in 4th. “L” “Yeah, no” “None of the above” were the lowest with 1 or 2 each.

Additionally, in a last minute effort to pump up the number of people answering, we tried something new. Our poll had been up for a week with stagnant results after the first two days.  In an experiment conducted an hour before closing the poll, we sent out an email with a deliberate “click-bait” question in the subject to entice people to answer the poll. Within that hour, our respondent base literally doubled from 21 to 42 people answering. While we quickly took our poll down after that hour had elapsed, it makes one think. Does provocative “click bait” work? In this case, definitely yes. Is it something we will do in the future? Not likely.