Cabarcos Takes The Cup


Winner Sofia Cabarcos and her Surf Clay

Sofia Cabarcos won today’s Spartan Cup Business Challenge, pitching her business called “Surf Clay,” a new eco-friendly surf product that combines wax with a clay that helps prevent algae blooms. Junior Cabarcos is an avid surfer as well as an environmentalist. Her idea sprang from the Green Ambassadors project she is working on in Ms. Gomez Martin’s physics class this year.

She competed against Andrew Calfa and Joey Barbosa

The I.C.E. sponsored Spartan Cup Business Challenge. L-R: G. Kurlandski, F. Rabinovich, K. Davis, A. Calfa, Z. Terry. J. Barbosa, S. Cabarcos





who pitched their new business called AngelCrowd, an idea where crowd funders could become angel investors. The competition took place in the Franco Center Friday afternoon from 4-6.

Cabarcos will go on to compete against twelve other South Florida schools including American Heritage, Gulliver, Ransom and St. Andrews next week, representing MCDS at the Innovate South Florida challenge on Wednesday at 2:30 at Miami-Dade College, Wolfson Campus.