On the Mend?


Photograph by KSD

Jill Robert, Director of Upper School, has been podcasting on a weekly basis. (Photo from October)

On September 19th in the Garner Center Cafeteria a commotion broke out amongst students, prompting our Upper School director to make a negative comment regarding a predominantly black community. What followed was a primetime report by Channel 7, an article in the Miami Herald, the eventual resignation of our brand new Upper School Director and Jill Robert’s stepping into the Director role, unexpectedly.  It was a 10-day episode that rocked our Country Day community. But now that we are on the road to mending a very painful wound, we need to reflect on several things. Were the consequences appropriate for what transpired? Are we on the mend? And what is the culture that we want to have here at Country Day?  Olivia Delancy from the Introduction to Journalism class investigates this very important topic in her first video report.