Class Bands Battle for First Place (but must settle for a TIE)

After long hours of rehearsal and great anticipation, each class was ready to battle it out for first place. Sophomores kicked off the event with a country mashup lead by Sammy Habib, Alex Slezynger, and Nadine Bloch. Their final song was a cover of “Life Is A Highway,” accompanied with a guitar solo by Sammy. The Senior class began with singing along to Queen’s “We Will Rock You” from the Wii video game Rock Band, then transitioned to a mix of various popular rock songs. Finally, Lele Pons and Marni Weiss closed up the show with “Dream On” and definitely rocked the house. Though the 12th grade class does not have many student musicians, they creatively made their performance entertaining and very creative.The Junior class introduced their act with Camille Martayan leading a mashup of “Let It Go” and a rap by Sam Cohen, Chris Haefner, and Ian Spence. The last grade to perform, the Freshman, sang along to “All About That Bass” led by Yakira Matisonn and Gaby Palmisano in colorful tutus and bow headbands, then shifted to “Ice Ice Baby” as their finale. Nick Collins performed the drum solo.

As of this year, it has been decided by Mrs. Kelly that the Freshman class will go last from now on. Since it is their first year performing in Homecoming, they need time to acclimate themselves and understand how it all works. The other classes were chosen from a hat to determine who would perform first, second, and third.

Before the results for the event were released, Mica Mlikota, a senior, believed that the seniors were the clear victors because “we clearly had the most spirit and we are not afraid of the results, but rather just have fun on stage.”

When the judges’ ballots were tallied, another story was told: it was a tie! The freshmen and sophomores share the first place prize (earning 25 points each), with the seniors coming in third with 15, and the juniors earning 10 points for their last place finish. Maybe the judges were just bigger fans of pop and country music then of rock and musicals.