Career Day Success!

Miami Country Day School provides its students with many opportunities in and out of the classroom. Today, November 13, 2014, the senior class had the opportunity to meet members of the Miami Country Day alumni to learn about various careers. From medicine, law, and entrepreneurship, to sports management, finance, and business, the students were able to attend different lectures of their choice. Personally, I had the chance to attend entrepreneurship, business, and sports management. While these are three very different careers, the alumni’s advice was quite similar. James Tate, class of ‘81 and owner of Tate Development Corporation, explained the true meaning of success; To be successful, he stated, is not defined by wealth, but by family, friends, and happiness. Essentially, he said, money is a bonus. Similarly, sports agent, Scot Drucker, class of ‘00, advised us to follow our passion “and the finance will follow.” While Career Day is designed to help students spark interest in a certain field, the personal messages each alumni shared were certainly worthwhile.

– Jaclyn Lash

The class of 2015’s senior Career Day was a success! Aside from the array of sharp, well presented soon-to-be high school graduates learning about their field of interest, the senior class met with several Alumni who shared stories of their success and professions. I, as a senior, can definitely say I learned a lot today. My favorite speaker would definitely have Scot Drucker, and Alumni who had a history of Baseball, later becoming a successful sports agent. He told us that when searching for players to draft, it’s sometimes a gamble aiming towards the younger bunch of high school athletes because it’s almost impossible to tell if they are going to make it to the minor league, let alone of course, the big league. In conclusion, I can definitely speak for my peers and say that we met plenty of interesting people and hope to keep in touch with all the alumni who took the time to speak to us.

– Eduardo Ratner