Winter Break… So Close Yet So Far

Winter Break… So Close Yet So Far

Winter Break is coming up! Sadly, we need to get through the midterms first. Every year, high school students and faculties look forward to enjoying their winter break towards the end of December, either by travelling or staying in Miami to celebrate the New Years with their friends and family. There is such a variety of things to do; what are you going to do this winter?

The variety of things to do during a two week break is quite large. Families have the option to simply stay in Miami and celebrate the holidays at home with their close family and friends. Another option would be to go on a vacation. Visiting a new city or country with your parents and siblings is always interesting and fun. This kind of holiday vacation gives a family the opportunity to bond and go on a different adventure with their loved ones. Moreover, some students have families, cousins, and grandparents that live everywhere across the world! A lot of families also travel to the countries where their extended family lives to celebrate their break and holidays with the family that they do not get to see every day. Although it does not get terribly cold here in Miami, some areas that people go to can be extremely cold; what a perfect opportunity to go to the mountains and go skiing. Even though spring break is usually when most people go skiing, winter break gives families an opportunity to go skiing for a longer amount of time. Others prefer the warm weather. Isn’t that what we all love amount Miami? Going to Mexico or Brazil can be very nice during the winter to warm up at the beautiful beaches.

Out of 13 students that were asked, eight them are staying in town. Five students are traveling with their parents to go to their cousin’s and family’s homes to spend the holidays with their loved ones.  Nadine Bloch and Ashraf Marwan both stated that they are going to California. Nadine previously lived in Los Angeles, so she is going to visit her old friends and spend her vacation there. Tenth grader Mallory Meyer is also going west as she is visiting Seattle for the holidays. Laura Hauque, a junior, is traveling with her parents and siblings to Mexico to spend their winter break at the beautiful beaches of Mexico. Emily Kanter is going to enjoy some cold weather in Steamboat with her family.  Photini Kamvyselli, Chiara Settineri, Riley Deitado, Gaby Chariff, Natalya Egozi, Cole Boucher, Celina Lindemann, and Mia Paez all said they are staying in Miami this winter break. Gaby and Chiara said they are looking forward to sleeping in this break to recuperate from the first semester of school.

Let’s not forget that our teachers and faculty also go to winter break.  Mr. Brown is going to Orlando with his wife and kids, while Mr. Pineda will spend the holidays in San Francisco, California, visiting his parents. Meanwhile, Mr. Woodburn is staying in town this year to spend the holidays at home.

No matter where you are going or what you are doing this winter break, no one can wait to take some time off from school. Midterms are almost here, but no worries, winter break is right around the corner!