Girls Soccer Finals Cancel Classes

Last night, the girls varsity soccer team won 3-0, meaning they’re headed to the final 4 state tournament! And though congratulations are definitely in order, decisions have already been made about making attendance easier for students. The Spartacus can announce that the Upper School will not be holding classes on Wednesday, February 4. When they win on Wednesday, Thursday will also be modified to a modified half day schedule to allow students to get to Melbourne for the 4pm final.

“With many of the starters on the team being ninth graders, they’ve given me hope for our other school sports to no longer be dominated by upperclassmen,” said Skye Carter, a freshman. “This game is going to be so amazing! I mean,with their combined skill and team work, I’m confident the varsity soccer team will achieve this win though I have no doubt it will still be hard fought.”

Junior Emma Rodriguez was similarly excited. “I’m really thrilled for and proud of our girls varsity soccer team, I love to see our school come together to support them. I’m sure going to the game will be a great memory for everyone.”

Details will be forthcoming on fanbuses and permission slips. Watch this space for more information.