It’s Alive – ZOMBIE PROM Shocks MCDS


Every spring, Miami Country Day’s Thespians attempt to recreate Broadway in the Garner cafeteria. Many students look forward to this annual display of musical and theatrical talent, and this year is no exception… though some are confused as to what, exactly, Zombie Prom is. But if one thing’s for sure, the show will definitely kill with audiences.

While Pippin is familiar to most theatre buffs and Seussical is universally known, Zombie Prom is much more obscure. First produced in Key West in 1993, the story follows the relationship between two lovestruck teenagers. Rebellious Jonny (played by Sami Habib) and Toffee (Marni Weiss) are deeply in love until her parents force her to break it off, and Jonny’s heartbroken actions will haunt them both for a long time. Set in the 1950s, the show has many campy references to the nuclear age and a zany cast of secondary leads played by Chiara Settineri, Ian Zigel, Sofia Zamboli, Elisa Silverstein, Max Sochachi, and many other talented performers.

Senior Alessandra Settineri has been in every school musical for the past four years. Playing roles as diverse as Ron Lisa Peretti and a bird girl, this year she has perhaps her most masterful performance as Ms. Delilah Strict, the principal of Enrico Fermi High. Her zealous commitment to “rules, regulations, and respect” and steamy romance with Ian Zigel’s Eddie Flagrante provide many moments of comic relief. “I’ve been a part of basically every Thespian production since I was a freshman,” she said. “It was important for me to start and finish full circle.” Freshman performer Ana Rusconi instantly agreed that Ale’s solo “Rules, Regulations, and Respect” was her favorite number in the 22 song production.

Enrico Fermi’s Editor-In-Chief Josh is played appropriately enough by Josh Hug. “I joined Zombie Prom because I like to be in musicals. It’s fun to perform,” he said. His favorite number is “Forbidden Love,” a melodramatic song about Toffee and Jonny.

Director and Drama Department Chair Mr. D’Angelo’s favorite song is another number from Jonny Warner – “How Can I Say Goodbye to Love?” The ‘60s style number encapsulates almost every aspect of Zombie Prom – from the rotting flesh to the romantic kiss. “I guess people tend to think of theatre as being boring,” he said. “But Zombie Prom is not the kind of play your parents take you to because they want you to get cultured. Zombie Prom is fun. Anybody who likes science fiction, Grease, The Walking Dead – we have a show for you.”