Are You Hungry?

Some students at MCDS have noticed changes to the lunchtime options offered. Last year’s burger window turned out to be fairly shortlived, and has been replaced by an organic food spot that promises healthy options for anyone who wants to eat something quick. The cafeteria has also seen some changes, and students tired of eating chicken and rice have been happy. But not everyone is overjoyed about the change.

The break window is gone for the same reason the food trucks left – in order to keep our non-profit status, no one can profit off our student body. Though bake sales have alleviated some of the hunger, many kids skip breakfast, and some walk into lunch at 1:20 having not eaten all day. Options like the organic window, Spartan Street, and the SAC take the stress off the cafeteria.

Junior Anthony Cambo was glad for the increased lunch choices. “I miss the break window, but they have chips and stuff there now. I like their burgers. They’re good some days and some days not so much, but I’m glad we have the option.” Junior Nati Mlikota was glad that the new spot gave her a healthy option. “I’m glad it’s there. It provides healthy alternatives like soy milk, and the chicken wraps aren’t fried anymore. It’s really successful.” Senior Emma Rodriguez agreed. “Yes, I love it. It’s the only place I eat now. As an athlete, it’s really important that I stay healthy.”

Some students have also noticed a difference in the types of food offered in the cafeteria, though there were mixed reviews. Senior Marsha Edwards loves it, saying “last year I would sometimes go without eating because I just didn’t like the food. But this year I really do.” But Junior Veronica Ben-David didn’t even notice a change, saying, “It kind of tastes the same.”

Whatever your opinion is on the new food, the variety is certainly welcome. And with the new My Country Day, the lunch menu is more accessible than ever, allowing easier lunch plan coordination and making sure everyone gets something they’re at least okay with eating. What do you think of the new food?