New Teacher Profiles: Who’s Rick Muhlig?

New Teacher Profiles: Whos Rick Muhlig?

If you love the outdoors, you may just enjoy having a teacher who tailgates Miami Dolphins and University of Miami football games, scuba dives, and loves to fish. Rick Muhlig does all these activities and still finds time to teach. Muhlig loves being an educator- with a little twist. He chuckles “… they [students] remember the stupid jokes and the things you do off topic.”
For one of his classes, he once dressed up as rockstar from Guns & Roses on Halloween, and discovered that they remembered that, rather than what he actually taught. His goal is to weave math into what he considers his “cool stories” to make his lessons more interesting.
Muhlig confesses that, as Walt Disney once said, “If you can dream it you can do it.” His dream is to become a “backup rockstar guitarist.” The only obstacle to fulfilling his dream is that he still doesn’t know how to play guitar, so it will remain a fantasy for now.
Mr. Muhlig teaches 7th grade math but would like to step up to high school and eventually, college. He left the Country Day family in 2004 but moved back and applied to MCDS because he said “it is the best school to teach at.”
Grinning at his answer to “Are you happy to be back?” Muhlig said, “I wanted to move back to South Florida for a long time.” He and his family relocated from Ocala and are now living in Davie.
A die hard Boston Red Sox fan, Muhlig has adorned his classroom walls with his love of sports and creating thinking. He received his math degree at Saint Michael’s College in Vermont followed by a stint in Massachusetts, where he started teaching. He later moved to Miami where he and his wife taught at Country Day.