Homecoming Controversy Between and Within Grades


Photograph by Sydni Wells

Seniors prepare for battle.

There has been a lot of controversy regarding this year’s homecoming theme, as many students have different opinions on which city fits the best with the events of homecoming, and would most likely lead to victory. The homecoming team cities are New York, which the freshmen got, Los Angeles, which the sophomores got, Honolulu, which the juniors got, and finally the seniors with their first choice, Miami.

Students in each grade seem to have different opinions on whether or not their grade made the right choice of homecoming city. When students were asked if they think that their grade made the best choice, and if not then which city they believe is the best one, their answers varied. Zach Weinberg, a junior, said, “No, I don’t think Honolulu was the best choice for my grade’s team because I think that New York would have been the better choice because we would have many more options with music and other homecoming events.” However, when Anthony Cambo, also a junior, was asked the same question, he responded, “Yes, I believe that my grade made the correct choice in selecting Honolulu to be our city because there are so many costume options and unique choices for other events. I think that we will be able to win with this city.” When asked her opinion regarding her grade’s choice of Los Angeles, sophomore Luna Aros said, “I have always loved going to L.A., so in my opinion, my grade made the best choice in choosing this city. There is so much diversity and style in Los Angeles, so we will have no problem finding costumes and ideas for events. Also, the music will definitely not be an issue since some of the biggest music stars live in L.A.” Finally, when asked her opinion regarding her grade’s homecoming team, Marcy Chariff said, “Yes, I love having New York as my grade’s city. I think this was the best city because New York is everyone’s favorite city to visit, and also gives us so many different options to choose from for events because of all its history and diversity. I think we have a strong chance of doing well with that city.” Senior student, Chris Haefner, said, “I am very happy with my grade choosing Miami. Miami is our home, and the best city of the four. We know so much about it, and can use that to our advantage to win.”

Overall, although some students had contradicting opinions regarding their grade’s themes, most people seem satisfied with the cities they ended up with. Despite the differing feelings regarding the cities, the spirits of each grade seem to be unanimously high, and everyone is determined to use the many various advantages of their city to the best of their ability. Every grade seems equally determined to do well this homecoming, which should make it a very interestingly competitive and fun one!