Homecoming 2015: DAY TWO (updated & corrected, 3:35pm)


As the sun rises on the second day of homecoming, tensions run high. The upperclassmen and underclassmen battles could be decided by high ticket events like today’s Battle of the Bands, but even small wins like Badminton and Capture the Flag can add up. Today’s overall scores are…

  • JUNIORS – 189
  • SENIORS – 167
  • SOPHOMORES – 102
  • FRESHMAN – 84

Badminton results:

Badminton – girls

1st place – 10th grade

2nd place –  12th grade

3rd place –   9th grade

4th place –  11th grade


Badminton – boys


1st place – 11th grade

2nd place –    9th grade

3rd place –   10th grade

4th place – 12th grade