Homecoming 2015: DAY FOUR


After another long and surprising day of events, homecoming has begun to wane. This morning’s announcement of new rules has only underscored the unusualness of this year’s homecoming, as the point totals below show. Scroll down for today’s points totals…

  1. Juniors – 257
  2. Seniors – 232
  3. Sophomores – 154
  4. Freshman – 114

As Ms. Kelly departs MCDS for the weekend, it falls on all of us to keep homecoming as fun and fair as possible. Tomorrow’s events include many fan favorites, and the day promises to be the culmination of a fantastic event.

Make sure to check the Spartacus Instagram for photos from the events, and consider reading some of our other homecoming coverage – “Dispelling Homecoming Myths and Concerns” and “Letter to the Editor: “What’s Good?” is Problematic“. Happy homecoming!