Doctor Who?


Peter Capaldi is the latest incarnation of Doctor Who

Doctor Who is a British science adventure show that has been airing on and off on BBC since 1963. The show follows The Doctor, the last of a time traveling race of aliens called the timelords, and his companions in their various adventures throughout time and space. Timelords differ from humans as time lords regenerate, or turn into a new body, when the previous body dies. When a doctor regenerates, the role is replaced with a new actor with a new personality and side characters.

So far, the new season has been given mixed reviews but with each episode it is progressively getting better. Some fans do not like the new doctor, Peter Capaldi, because he is similar to the older and less fun doctors of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s compared to the fun and energetic doctors of recent years such as David Tennant and Matt Smith. The fans that do like him, see him as a balance between the classic doctors and the current. Another reason why fans dislike Capaldi is that the previous season was very slow and had a lesser quality than the previous. Some American fans dislike Capaldi’s thick Scottish accent, some complaining that they can’t even watch the show without subtitles.

Taegan Charles has mixed feelings about the new season, “I can see the appeal of this new season but I don’t really like it. The episodes are very silly and boring.”

Gabe Gonzaga really enjoys the new season of Doctor Who, “I love how they brought in Maisie Williams. She has been a great addition to the show.”

In my opinion, at the beginning of the season, I found that the new season was very long, drawn out, and cheesy compared to the previous seasons which I enjoyed much more. While watching some episodes, I found myself asleep because of the lacking plot. In recent episodes, I could finally see the appeal of the season and have been enjoying it even though it does not meet up to the previous seasons and doctors.

If you look past the flaws in the recent season, Doctor Who continues to be an exciting time traveling adventure.