Deadpool is Dead Good


The merc with a mouth finally gets his chance at the mic. Deadpool has arrived for his return to the big screen in his 2016 feature length film. The film is a vehicle for Ryan Reynolds to express his snarky comic styling and deliver a sly witty humor that throws barbs at everyone in a rather impudent way. A good hard R film, that we as an audience haven’t seen in awhile. Deadpool gracefully exhibits all any viewer could want with a nasty tone, gruesome action, and all the potty mouthed humor one could hope for.

Walking into the film, I personally didn’t know what to expect, Deadpool was a shady proposition of a movie. First of all the movie was at the helm of a first time director, Tim Miller, and a big blockbuster style movie like this one could have easily crashed and burned due to his lack of prior experience. Additionally, the lead role is played by Ryan Reynolds, who can be outrageously funny and raunchy, as any Deadpool star should be. However, Reynolds has not faired so well in the past with superhero movies, bombing with Green Lantern and receiving fan hate  for his involvement with the atrocious tarnishing of Deadpool in Wolverine: X-Men Origins. Most disconcerting of all was the fact it was not a Marvel Studios film. Generally speaking, it’s been Marvel who has been pumping out the great superhero films.

That of course was all nonsense and white noise. Miller delivers a movie that matches all the dirty, gritty humor and outrageous action and nonsense of the Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza comics. Filled to the brim with vehicular destruction, architectural demolition, and explosions, Deadpool appeals to everyone from the over stimulated youth of today to the action starved parents who managed to drag their over stimulated children along to the movie. Alongside this, Miller armed his film with an eagerness to shatter the fourth wall with side splitting humor and an opening credit scene that will go down as the greatest opening credit scene of all time. Further bolstering his blockbuster potential, Miller delivers an unbelievable script full of the best potty mouth humor one could find with well thought out side characters galore. From the comedic relief of the innocent Colossus, to the well executed angsty teen humor of Negasonic Teenage Warhead, every side character contributed to the film’s humor.

However, this all is just the background and support for the uber hilarious Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool chariot. This is possibly the greatest match of actor to character since Johnny Depp took helm of the Black Pearl as Jack Sparrow. Reynolds was sublime as the merc with the mouth, hitting every line with the snarky sarcasm and care free attitude we all want out of Deadpool. Even when Reynolds is tripped of his looks for the film, he proves that he doesn’t need them to hilariously play the wise cracking, witty, fourth wall breaking fan favorite, Deadpool.

This isn’t the type of movie you should expect to see at the Oscars, this isn’t the type of movie you should take your grandma to either, this is Deadpool. A hilarious, foul mouthed, raunchy, take at the super hero movie genre. It is a movie that takes jabs at everything from pop culture to the movie industry itself. Deadpool is simply a fantastic testosterone driven adrenaline rush that will have you laughing and eating chimichangas for days to come.