Water Polo Team Looks Ahead to States

“If we can get enough supportive people willing to go, we’ll have fan busses!” – Mr. Sennett



This past Tuesday, the Varsity Boys Water Polo Team (14-5) played a tough game against Miami Beach Senior High School to advance to District Finals where they cruised past Mast Academy with a 7-3 win. The win allowed them to secure a spot in the state play-in game against ATM tomorrow, Saturday, April 9th, at 3:00 PM. If they win this game, they will advance to the State Finals Tournament at Ransom Everglades next Friday, April 15th.

Now, you may have heard some rumors regarding a day off on Friday if then team wins on Saturday and makes it to States. Mr. Sennett commented, “If we can get enough supportive people willing to go, we’ll have fan busses!” Are there enough supporters throughout high school who are interested in showing their spartan pride? Judging from the attendance at the Girls Varsity Basketball State Championship, it is unclear whether administrators think it is acceptable or worthwhile to miss a day of school for this sports event.

Zach Smith, one of the prominent players and leaders on the team explained why he wanted to have fan busses and possibly a day off of school, “I want to have fan busses because it’s a very important game to me and the entire team. In a way it’s a reward for everything we’ve gone through and all of the time and work we’ve put in to reach this place.” This mentality echoing throughout the water polo team could have been what led to the spread of the rumor throughout the high school.

In order to even consider this possibility, the water polo team must beat the ATM team tomorrow at FIU. In their last game, the MCDS water polo team fell short one goal in overtime to ATM. After asking Smith what he thought about tomorrow’s game, he responded, “I think we have a very good chance of winning, although it’s going to be a tough game. We know how they play and we’re ready to capitalize on their and our mistakes. At the end of the day, though, it’s really about who wants it more and I could guarantee to you that it’s us!” Smith and his teammates seem prepared and excited to make their way to States.

After going through a rough patch in the middle of the season, the water polo team regrouped and started over with a new coach and a renewed winning mentality. Alain Guillen has changed their style of play, which has proved quite beneficial, according to goalie, Christian Claramonte. Claramonte explained, “Coach Guillen has been able to identify our weaknesses in games and has been able to make drills that help fix these problems. He has also put a major focus on defense, rather than offense. I think these new strategies have helped us and will continue to guide us in the future.” The young team demonstrates how motivated and prepared it is for this challenge.

A major part of the game tomorrow is definitely the presence of fans supporting the water polo team in this tough game. In order to convince people to come and support, Smith announced, “I’d really like to look out to the stands and see a lot of fans. Whenever there are a lot of people out there, I just get so pumped! So, make sure to come out to FIU at 3:00, tomorrow, to watch us face the ATM water polo team for a chance to make it to states!” The water polo team has made it this far and they certainly deserve support. The details for the game are below


Water Polo State Play-in Game


4/9/16 3:00 PM

Florida International University – North Campus

3000 NE 151st Street, North Miami, FL 33181