MOS: Who will win the NBA Playoffs?



The Spring is always a wonderful time for basketball fans around the country. Every March, fans get an always thrilling, 63 games of complete mayhem, during the NCAA March Madness Tournament. This year’s tournament was nothing short of sheer excitement, from the first round upsets and Cinderella stories to the final game-winning buzzer-beating 3-point shot, made by Villanova’s Kris Jenkins, knocking off the top-seeded North Carolina Tar Heels. But once the year hits late April, basketball fans know what time it is; the NBA Playoffs begin, and everyone is tuned in to see which team will make the longest playoff run, and claim the Larry O’Brien Trophy in June.

The 2016 NBA season has been second to none in excitement, with plenty of storylines heading into the playoffs. Will the Golden State Warriors claim their spot in history by topping off their dominant 73-win season with a second NBA Championship in a row? Will Lebron James win the coveted title that his hometown has been desperately seeking for so long? Will Tim Duncan retire, riding out into the sunset after the San Antonio Spurs win their sixth title since ‘99? Or will a dark horse team like the Miami Heat take the chip this year? Our MCDS community gives their expert analysis and predictions on what they think could happen this NBA Playoffs.


Question: “Which team will win the 2016 NBA Championship?”


“I think the San Antonio Spurs will win the 2016 NBA Finals because they have great defense, and now that Steph Curry is injured on the Warriors, I don’t think [the Warriors] have the best chance.”

-Kurt Carlson


“If Steph Curry comes back, it’ll be the Warriors. If he’s not there, I give the Spurs the edge over the Cavs.”

-Mr. Konen


“I think that the Miami Heat are gonna win the championship this year for the NBA because they have a strong foundation, Wade’s a great leader, we have some great rookies, our defense has been killing it this year, and we’re gonna beat the Cavs. Lebron sucks.”

-Ryan Finvarb

“The Cavs because they got Lebron, the best player in the world!”

-Ibrahim Doumbia

“I’m not sure who’ll win, but I do know who is going to be the final contenders. I think it will be the Warriors and the Cavs once again because the Cavs are so dominant, and in the east they haven’t lost yet, and that’s amazing. The Warriors are so dominant, and they don’t even have Curry right now, so imagine them with Curry. They’re gonna be even more of a dominant force.”

-Dashaun Jackson

“If the Warriors can survive without Curry, they’re going to win. If not, I don’t know.”

-Mr. Pineda


“I don’t know, the Miami Heat. No, didn’t they lose last night? Are they out? The Golden State Warriors, but isn’t that guy Stephen Curry hurt? So actually, I don’t know. So maybe they’ll get second place, who knows?”

-Sydney Sazant

“I think the Spurs are gonna win it all because they have height and intelligence, and they’re the seniors of the NBA, and the Warriors have injuries and the Cavs won’t be able to match up against the Spurs.”

-Maria Alvarez


“The San Antonio Spurs because they have the strongest conference and the eastern conference is weak, and the only team that has a chance [from the east] is the Cleveland Cavaliers.”

-Nate Outten


“I think there will be a finals rematch from 2013 and 2014. That’s right, Heat Spurs 3.0! Warriors can’t beat a great Spurs team without Curry, and the Cavs don’t have enough team chemistry and experience together to make a run deep into the playoffs.”

-Alex Sayfie


“Spurs because they’re so experienced and they’re led by Kawhi Leonard.”

-Anthony Taylor

“I think the Miami Heat because even though Chris Bosh isn’t coming back we still have veteran, D-Wade to lead the team to the championship.”

-Evan Mendelson


“I believe the Miami Heat are gonna win the championship because they got D Wade and he’s the best player in the NBA.”

-Serge du Lau d’Allemans


“The NBA Championship of 2016 is gonna be for the Golden State Warriors. Steph Curry’s gonna come back in two weeks, knock down 8 threes per game, and the Warriors are gonna be the champions!”

-Dre Medici


“I think the Cavaliers’ 3-point shooting has really put them in the title conversation, but I think if they play the Warriors when Steph Curry is healthy or the Spurs then Lebron James will go 2-5 in the Finals.”

– Rachel Thomas


“The Golden State Warriors because their team is stacked with a bunch of good players”

-Jay Weaver


“Probably the Heat because Dwyane Wade is married to Gabby Union and she’s beautiful.”

-Yakira Matisonn


“I feel that the Warriors are gonna get the dub, because they’re Dub Nation.”

-Julius Delgado


“I think the Cavs will win because first off, their backcourt is splendid. Lebron can play all positions. Don’t get me wrong, I love Steph Curry, but he’s been struggling through some injuries, and hopefully we can get another injury out of him in the Finals.”

-Tristan Escalante