Student Government and Class Council Positions

Student Body Candidates


Owen Wesley Ian Zigel

Vice President

Phillip Kassab Val Kuchuk

Program Director – Student Body

Gaby Chariff Ashraf Marwan

Public Relations Director – Student Body

Jonathan Abramowitz

Class Council – Class of 2017 – Current Juniors/Rising Seniors

President – Class of 2017

Jordan Sale

Vice President – Class of 2017

Emily Kanter

Program Director – Class of 2017

Mia Paez

Public Relations Director – Class of 2017

Chiara Settineri

Student Government Association Representatives – Class of 2017

Katerina Filpi Sierra Mathis

Class Council – Class of 2018 – Current Sophomores/Rising Juniors

President – Class of 2018

Ryan Finvarb Brooke Schuchts Harrison Stier

Vice President – Class of 2018

Tristan Escalante John Sayfie

Program Director – Class of 2018

Evan Mesielman Gaby Palmisano

Public Relations Director –  Class of 2018

Izzy Goihman

Student Government Association Representatives for Class of 2018

Daniel Dana Karen Rosenbloom Alex Sayfie

Class Council – Class of 2019

President – Class of 2019

Evelyn Abramowitz Nandan Aggarwal

Vice President – Class of 2019

Saavan Kamlani Summer Radomski

Program Director – Class of 2019

Daniel Gallup Krystal Leyva

Public Relations Director –  Class of 2019

Mia Elortegui Valentina Wheaton

Student Government Association Representatives for Class of 2019

Alexa Altman   Carlos Cardenas  Eduardo Dana  Jared Resnick  Kayla Rosen

Lauryn Russell

Class of 2020– Current 8th Graders/Rising Freshmen

Class Council – Class of 2020

Unkown at this time

The Public Relations director is in charge of social media for the school/grade, announcing upcoming events, etc.

The Program Director is in charge of coming up with activities for the grade/school throughout the year.


Why were treasury and secretary changed to program director and Public relations director?

We changed these last year from Treasurer and Secretary because 1. We needed a Public Relations director to get the information out to everyone and the old “take minutes, share them with the group” way is antiquated for our group. Also, the treasurer never actually touches any money, so it didn’t make sense to have one.  It does make sense to have a Program Director to help come up with activities and making sure those ideas come to fruition.

Why are candidates for President and Vice President not on the same ticket anymore?

The reason we had everyone run individually is to increase the potential for more representation of different groups.  When the people ran as teams, they usually represented the same friend group.  Our school is small enough that everyone can get along and there can be more representation.