Reviewing Beyonce’s Lemonade


In her visual album, Beyonce takes a baseball bat and destroys several cars to the song “Hold Up,” angrily singing about Jay Z’s supposed infidelities.

Beyonce’s new album, Lemonade, as expected, is dominating the itunes music charts, and the “Beyhive” has practically taken over social media. If you are looking for a great R&B album this is the one to listen to. However, there are flares of other music styles to be found in songs such as “Daddy Lessons” which incorporate aspects of country. Many other talented artists such as Jack White, The Weekend, James Blake, and Kendrick Lamar are feature in Lemonade as well.

Recurring themes throughout the album include women empowerment, gender equality, and the consequence of infidelity. Furthermore, the album and the visual accompaniment that aired on HBO as a special raises the question, did Jay-z cheat on Beyonce? There is no answer to the question yet, but hopefully one will be released soon.

 A few of my favorite songs on the album include “Sorry” which deals with the unwavering self confidence that all women should have, “Hold up” which discusses the value of loving, faithful women, and “Sandcastles” which illustrates the pain that comes with heartbreak. Nonetheless, all these songs serve as testaments to Beyonce’s talent, and if you have the time, listening to Lemonade is in your best interest.