The Beginning of the End: Senior Trip 2016

The yearly senior class trip to Fontana, North Carolina is something that students look forward to all of high school. Although this may be simply because of the awesome activities that students get to participate in on the trip, like white water rafting and ziplining through the forest, it is also known throughout the high school that the senior trip brings the class together like no other. The activities allow for new and exciting experiences, but the hours of free time between activities and dinner give the freedom to really spend time with the people we may not see for years and appreciate high school coming to a close. Whether this time is spent hiking up a mountain trail near the Fontana lodge, relaxing by the pool, or hanging out in the game room, it always allows for friendships to strengthen and be made among the senior class. I really enjoyed the ziplining, as did everyone else I spoke to, despite our initial nervousness. However, the most memorable parts of the trip are the simple moments we spent with our friends.

        Choosing songs to sing at karaoke night, roasting marshmallows, and listening to Mr. Pineda’s college stories are only some of the many activities that take place each night. Even the hours spent waiting at airports or on buses are not so bad with everybody else there too. But despite all of these fun activities, one thing that everyone comes back from the senior trip saying is, “We all really bonded, and I will never forget that weekend.” Everyone says senior year goes by quickly, and with the chaos of dealing with college applications it is difficult to just focus on just spending time with friends before everyone goes their separate ways and begins the next step in life. That is what the senior trip is for: to allow the seniors to have a weekend with their class that they will never forget.