The Sweet Taste of Victory


1st place – Colten Katcher represents basketball for the seniors

The time has come for the tastiest event in all of Homecoming. This morning at 7:10, the four elected bakers, one from each grade, turned in their desserts to be judged in the Bake-Off.

The four desserts will be left in the faculty lounge throughout the day so that the faculty can try any of the baked goods and vote for their favorites. The pastries will be judged based on representation of theme, taste, creativity, appearance, and texture/consistency.

Every baker has spent hours preparing their desserts and they have definitely brought their A game. Abbey Tomkinson, member of the sophomore class, baked for so long that she confessed, “I don’t think I can look at cake for a good three months after this event.”

Sofia Paredes, freshman baker, feels confident in her dessert. “The brownie recipe is a passed down family recipe and it never fails.”

Taking a look at these desserts, it is evident that there is a close competition in this years Bake Off event.


After a morning of judging/eating, the results are in…

1st place – seniors

2nd place – sophomores

3rd place – freshmen

4th place – juniors