Seniors Edge Out Freshmen in the Battle of the Bands!

Homecoming week includes many events, some of which are more popular than other, ranging from chess to hand ball to FIFA. However, one of the most memorable and exciting events of homecoming is the Battle of the Bands, because the audience never really knows what to expect from each grade. This year, the senior class with the theme of the NBA came in first place, followed by the freshmen with the theme of the NHL. The juniors, whose theme is the NFL, placed third, and finally the sophomores with the theme of Major League Baseball placed last. Despite these results, major choreography, planning, and lyric writing went into all four performances.

The seniors based their performance on the song “Ultralight Beam” by Kanye West, with a clever twist to the song that incorporated “Class of 2017” into the lyrics. It was complete with blue glow sticks and flash lights, making the cafeteria seem almost like a real concert. The performance began with a soft tone, with Nadine Bloch and Natalia and Violet de la Guardia singing. However, it took an exciting turn with Ian Zigel and Sami Habib rapping right after, as well as many other students on stage dancing and participating in the choreography. “The class of 2017 had won the battle of the bands almost every year with the exception of our freshmen year and that is because a team of a lot of us have always made sure to write the lyrics and plan everything out way early in advance. For example, sometimes I’ll just be listening to my radio in my car or whatever and be think, “Oh this would be great for battle of the bands!” and jot the idea down to that come October we have something planned already.”” Ian also attributes the success of the class of 2017 in battle of the bands to the phenomenal musicians in the grade and their talent with changing around lyrics of certain songs to fit their theme. Finally, he mentions that one of the most important components is to make sure their is a lot of energy on stage and thus in the audience.

The freshmen had a much more simple performance, but their lyrics and performers were very impressive and they ended up placing second! They had three performers, Renee Mandel, Camila Burton, and Helena Perez, singing on stage with one instrument, a ukulele. Their rendition of “I Don’t Know My Name” by Grace Vanderwaal was witty and touched on the feelings felt by most freshmen in the beginning of high school. Their confidence and determination to “win this game” earned them second place. Congrats freshmen!

The juniors placed third, beginning with a rendition of “Purple Haze” by Jimi Hendrix, and then transitioning to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself,” performed by Izzy Goihman. Their performance was clearly well thought out and could have ranked higher with a bit more practice. “This year Gaby Palmisano organized the show and wrote the lyrics, and Nic Collins and Yannic Waingarten, who are both in a band called What You Know, took care of the instrumentals. I wish we could have practiced more but scheduling rehearsals was hard with the seniors being as on top of battle of the bands as they usually are,” said John Sayfie, who participated in the performance as well. Next year the juniors will probably be much more on top of rehearsing and score higher!

Finally, the sophomores came in fourth, with an interesting spin on the baseball classic, “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” with lyrics promoting the class of 2019. Their performance then took an impressive shift in tone to Rihanna’s “Diamonds,” and finally a group effort of singing “Sweet Caroline.” Organized by Daniel Gallup, with performances by Anthony Cervone, Ethan Gale, Michael McPherson, Lucas Kohen, Valentina Wheaton, Lane Dillworth and Ben Kreger on the cowbell, the sophomore performance was energetic and catchy.

Overall, almost everybody I spoke to said this year’s performances were some of the best they had ever seen. Congratulations to every grade, especially the seniors in first place, who participated in the battle of the bands!


Videos of performances to be posted soon…

Until then, here are the lyrics…

9th Grade – NHL

Original song: “I Don’t Know My Name” by Grace Vanderwaal


Our lyrics:


We feel out of place

Simply ‘cause we have no game

But you say

At least we’re trying

We’re trying


So I heard you don’t quite understand

Fresh get along quite nicely

You ask us why we even dare

To present ourselves confidently


You should know our name

Because we aim to win this game

So you know we’re not lying

Not lying


We went from new and out of place

To joining the high school race

We made the closest friends

We’ve ever had in our lifetime


We are lost,

Skating on the ice

To score goals would be nice

There’ll be a shot to take

And even with a lot at stake

We’ll just play


You should know our name

Because we aim to win this game

So you know we’re not lying

Not lying


You might spite our claims

Because you want to put us to shame

But you know we’re still trying

Yes, we’re trying

To win this game


9th Grade placed second.


10th Grade – Major League Baseball

“Take me Out to the Ball Game”:

So many lyrics are changed

Cause we can’t mention another class

Since when did we become so PC

It doesn’t really make much sense to me

So we had to scrap most of our lyrics

And begin again from the start

One day we might fight for freedom of speech

But for now we will just play our part


Sophomores gonna change the game

Class of 2019 and we’re proud

We got the best theme again with no conflict

U.S favorite pastime was 3rd to be picked?

It’s a guaranteed win for the home team

But we’re gonna get second place

For the Class

Of 2019

Where everyone here is an ace


Charge! Transition



Yeah we’re so sublime yeah

Took a little time yeah

2 0 1 9 yeah


Repping the Class of 2019

With our amazing rhyme scheme

We’re gonna win but you’ll be alright

We’re America’s favorite delight

Make a home run out of the park

And we put in all our hearts


There it goes out of sight

We’re gonna win but you’ll be alright


It’s true that last year we only got 4th place

But we were freshmen then and we have learned from our mistakes

Yes last year we didn’t know we were so disorganized

But we’re back with vengeance and fire in our eyes


Stadium lights are so bright tonight

Everyone gets a chance to shine so bright

The spotlight on all types

One week where we can all unite


Single and were flying

Double in no time and

We’ll take it home no denying

One week where we can all unite


(Guitar solo)


“Sweet Caroline”:

[Everyone]: Sweet Hoco lies (Ba ba ba)

Like the visitors stand a chance [Everyone]: (A chance! A chance! A chance!)

Everyone: Sweet Hoco lies (Ba ba ba)

I’ve already got a date to the dance [Everyone]: (The dance! The dance! The dance!)

[Everyone]: Sweet Hoco lies (Ba ba ba)

Teachers won’t have high demands [Everyone]: (Demands! Demands! Demands!)

[Everyone]: Sweet Hoco lies (Ba ba ba)

I’m already going with my friends to the dance


The Sophomores placed fourth


11th Grade – National Football League

Hey juniors

were not losein’

were gonna send you

back to schoollin’


down on the field

noey, you need it

were gonna win hococ

were gonna win hoco


we’re the NFL (4x)


Purple haze: tell me what u think


Juniors all in your face

Lately things you don’t seem the same

Bottle flipping and dodgeball


S’cuse me but were gonna win it all


Tug of war and water polo

Theres no competition For the goal

Were gonna win thats no doubt


S’cuse me while we win it all



your palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy

There’s vomit on your sweater already, sage’s spaghetti

you’re nervous, but on the surface you look calm and ready

To drop bombs

but they keep on forgetting

we got a touchdown, the whole crowd goes so loud

you open your mouth, but the words won’t come out

youre chokin’, how, everybody’s jokin’ now

The clocks run out, times up, over, blaow!


Snap back to reality, oh there goes gravity

Oh, there goes Hoco, you choked

youre so mad, but you don’t give up that easy? No

We won’t have it, this year we’re gonna win


Let that sink in

We’re dope, class of 18 stay woke

You’re so sad, cuz you know that when hoco comes we’ll  run it and then

That’s when it’s back to grabbing dubs again yo,  this whole week

We run it, class of 18 , our name is on that trophy


You better!


The juniors placed third.


12th – National Basketball Association


I’m tryna win again

We on that ultralight beam

Class of 2017

We are a god dream

This is a god dream

We are everything



Deliver us our trophy

Deliver us peace

Deliver us luck

But We don’t need it

Yeah we don’t need it

We don’t



We on that ultralight beam

Class of twenty seventeen

This is a God dream

This is a god dream

This is everything




Oh we are a class like no other

Bound together we can’t go wrong

We stick together and win

Because it makes us feel so strong

Got all the strenght to fight

So we look to the light

To win a second time

Head up high, we look to the light


[Violet Solo]


Slezy runs in with air horn, says ‘let’s speed things up!’ or something



It may not mean nothing to y’all

But understand nothing was done for us

So we don’t plan on stopping at all

We want these wins forever mine ever mine ever mine

We’re playin lots of basketball

Cuz seniors are reppin the nba

And ibrahim’s really tall

We want these wins forever mine ever mine ever mine ever mine



Last name ever

First name L17-est

Done with sara raydass boy I ain’t nothin to play with

Freshman year 3rd place but thanks to all the haters

I know trophy manufacturers on a first name basis

nba recruiting chanise and day, seniors

They also lookin at kelsey, a senior

Swimming in the points, come and find us, nemo

Academic brightness we gon’ cure… zika

Drop the theme song, sounded like a real album

Who’d a thought two vict’ries in a row would be the outcome

Look at you crying like a baby need some talcum

Every class got a deal, we did it without one

Yeah oronoz I’m about my business

Some say we’re the new class o’ 13 we got a hit list

Everyone who doubted us is asking for forgiveness

If you ain’t got a part of it, at least you got to witness, fitness





ever ever harambe in the buildin

aint no question who tried to kill him

In the opponent’s eyes i see a tear

this class rare just like a vermeer

that one was for turf

our class is just that perf

now heres a list for you to see

how really L17 is our history

first came the decades you know where its at

the 50s were the bfest while the rest just sat

when we were sophomores we got that on lock

even though we were country we decided to rock

we went to the islands of hawaii

everybody wishin that they were just like me

now that these years have come to an end

we still always seem to transcend

all the other classes they gawk in the hall

while the seniors are sittin back just ready to ball




For the third year in a row, the class of 2017 placed first.