The Tradition Lives

Check out where you will be sitting for tomorrow’s relocated all school singalong

The all school sing along is a tradition that marks the holiday season here at MCDS. It is usually held in the gym, but this year it has been moved to the amphitheater. The reason for the move was primarily safety as “according to the fire code, the entire school cannot fit in the gym” states Mr. Truf. To make sure everyone, fits Mr. Turf goes on to say “ Ms. Alfonso has worked out a plan using the ground floor and the second floor to accommodate the entire school”. Mrs. Alfonso herself comments that “It’s a larger space than the gym, and if we have to sit close together-well, that’s part of the fun”.

In addition to the change of venue, this year the seniors will be wearing their Kinder to College shirts and sitting with their buddies.   This will give them a chance to not only further bond with their buddies but to sing in every verse of “12 Days of Christmas,” the song that culminates the holiday sing along.  Typically, the seniors only get to sing the final verse of the final song in their final all school sing along, so this year’s change will provide them with the opportunity to belt their hearts out twelve verses in a row.

Even though the change of venue seems to break from tradition Ms. Alfonso says “the tradition is coming together and the joy of making music as a school community. As long as we are together, the spirit of the sing along continues”.