New Uniform Changes Call for No Club Shirts, No Sweatpants

After 12 years, Miami Country Day has decided to drop Sunshine Uniform as their provider. “We gave them a chance to finish the contract but things didn’t improve,” says Mr. Oronoz, Dean of Students. “So we decided to look for other alternatives.”


The attendance committee, made up of people from the business office and the three divisions, interviewed five different companies in the first semester before choosing Risse Brothers as the new provider. “One of the reasons we decided to go with Risse, is that they promised they were going to find a location where people can physically go and buy their stuff,” Oronoz added.


The change in uniform was prompted by the fact that the uniform policy has recently become too laid back that visitors to the school “didn’t know we [had] a uniform.” Although shorts have always remained the same colors, the various shirt colors became an issue, and thus it was decided that the school is “going back to red, white, and navy blue, which are the school colors,” says Oronoz. Club, team, and class polos will no longer be permitted. However, students can “have the school logo on their left side, and put a logo to promote the club on the right side, on the sleeve, or on the back,” Oronoz explained.


The uniform change will be enforced in the 2018-2019 school year as the new Risse uniforms are being grandfathered in. Sophomore Isabella Allen was shocked when she found out that she would no longer be able to wear club, sports, or class polos her senior year. “It makes sense that our school wants to be uniform,” says Allen. “But I think the club, sports, and class polos show a lot of individuality.”


In the rare occasion that the temperature drops below sixty degrees, students will no longer be permitted to wear sweatpants. Sweatpants will be exchanged for the track pants that the middle schoolers are allowed to wear. Navy and white track pants will be the new sweatpant, and students will be allowed to wear them year round. The track pants are preferable because “there will be the option of wearing them all year,” adds Oronoz.
The school seems to be moving away from the diverse, casual uniform policy and towards a stricter system. Mr. Oronoz insists that this is the case saying “I think that it is more uniform, the word uniform is what is the key here.”