A Dog’s Purpose


“A Dog’s Purpose” is a very sweet movie showing the reincarnation of a dog and all the owners it meets. Throughout the dog’s life, it constantly questions what the purpose of life is. Eventually, when the dog realizes its purpose in each life, he stops worrying about what he’s supposed to be doing and starts to just live. The movie is rated PG and is very endearing. Though, there are some scenes that are a little sorrowful, it is a superb film and is recommended for everyone and anyone can watch it.

Throughout “A Dog’s Purpose” it kept you on the edge of your seat waiting to see what would follow. Not only did it tell the story of Bailey, the dog whose purpose the movies exploring but it also had a lot to do with family. In each life the dog, found an aspect of his owner’s life that they weren’t satisfied with. Bailey is the name the dog. He incarnates into different lives but he is always Bailey.  He starts with Ethan who is the young boy that finds Bailey with no water in the back of a car. Once Bailey dies he is with Carlos and Bailey is now named Ellie and a police dog. Next, Bailey is with Maya and now his name is Tino. In the final life of the movie, it starts with Wendi and they don’t really give a certain name for Bailey. Eventually, the dog ends up with an older version of Ethan but named Buddy. Ethan and Buddy’s relationship is a very important throughout the movie. They have an inseparable bond.

There are many themes shown throughout the movie. Love is a major theme. In each lifetime the dog helped the owner connect with others which impacted their life greatly. Another recurring theme is family because it plays a great deal to teach the dog what its purpose is. Ethan’s father is an alcoholic and when Ethan is a teenager he sees his father yelling at his mother. As Ethan defends his mother, Bailey was there to help and console Ethan and his mother.

Throughout the dog’s lives, he always helped the owner in one way or another. A leading component the dog noticed was the owners were unhappy because they are lonely. For instance when Bailey helped Ethan meet Hannah or when he helped Maya meet Al. Bailey helps his respective owners in several different ways throughout the film.

The movie has a very happy resolution. You definitely won’t leave upset. I don’t want to spoil much but after all that has happened throughout the film, the ending really helps you with your emotions after watching a really good film. After seeing this movie, I feel that it is a good fit for anyone. It is highly recommended and is a must see for it is in theaters now.