Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


If you saw Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, you know what an amazing production it truly is. Not only was this the first play in ten years with a live orchestra, but also one of the first plays in Miami Country Day school history to incorporate all three divisions: Upper, Middle and Lower school.  


Director of the musical: Mrs. Linda Jarvis-Guerra, otherwise known as “Pops,” describes that when working with three different age groups, “You have to be more strategic in planning rehearsals and schedules… it is so rewarding to see how each division learns from the other and collaborates on a big show like this.”Sophomore actor Benjamin Hug agrees that during the musical “everyone learned a lot from each- other, even the Upper school grades learned a lot from the Lower school,” hoping to have this all inclusive experience again. Senior Nadine Bloch who plays the narrator reveals:“ Being able to be with the little kids almost everyday made my job so much easier.”


Production manager and new drama department chair David Valdes sighs in  relief at the final glory of the play. “I really enjoyed doing the show. It was really a joy to work with great colleagues and an energetic cast, it was a good experience. As his first musical at Miami Country Day and second play, Valdes explains “In watching and working with the kids for this show, it helped me to think about next year in terms of possibilities for next year with regard to students and talent.”


Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat acted as a “farewell to Garner” play, next year the 2018 musical will take place in the new Center for the Arts.The Garner center has been the home to many performances, and judging by this years we can expect nothing less than amazing in our new Arts center. Director Pops gushes as she reflects: “It’s been an honor and a reward to be able to work with Wicker and the band, the seniors who are graduating, combined with my champion junior thespians and the lower school.The whole process top to bottom has been a wonderful experience.I loved working with everybody.”


Spoiler! For those of you who did not have the pleasure of seeing the play:


The musical showcases a father named Jacob and his 12 sons, Jacob favors one son over the others: Joseph. The eleven brothers grow envious and sell their brother as a slave, faking his death. Joseph also happens to be a dream interpreter able to see the future. His powers raise him above and beyond, eventually to a position under the mighty Pharaoh. When poverty and famine hit Jacob and his other eleven sons, they have no choice but to go to the brother they neglected for help. Joseph forgives his brothers for their betrayal and gives them food. In the end, all 12 brothers and their father, Jacob are reunited. Senior Sami Habib who plays the main character Joseph, Habib admits: “this play was a very eye opening experience. I had a lot of fun with all the younger kids and I learned a lot from the people around me.” Music director John Wicker adds “The message of the play is that life is full of unexpected events, some of them aren’t pretty but in the end, good will triumph over evil.”


Director of arts education, and vocal director of the play concludes: “I think it was fantastic. We have the most amazing directors and teachers, we have incredibly talented students, and I think seeing them all work together was really wonderful.” Alfonso exclaims: “There’s nothing better than students of all ages coming together to make a joyous expression of art.”