Class of 2019 Candidates

Class of 2019 Candidates

Class of 2019 – Rising Juniors – Officers and Representatives – Candidates
President of Class of 2019 – Candidates: Nandan Aggarwal, Isadora Figueroa, Kyle Gittler

Nandan Aggarwal – Candidate for President of Class of 2019 Campaign Goal 1 – Improving meals offered and increasing the variation of meals. I want us to be able to choose what we eat, so I will try and increase the input Sage receives from students. If the actual meals do not change I will attempt to increase the variation so we are not eating the same thing every couple days. Timeline for Goal 1 – As soon as possible, even beginning in the summer.
Campaign Goal 2 – Make Prom more affordable. As the grade in charge of Prom, I will work with the rest of the government to reduce the ticket cost. Prom is something everyone should be able to attend and ticket costs have made it difficult. Timeline for Goal 2 – Try to begin planning as soon as possible to try and be as effective as possible when it comes to costs.
Campaign Goal 3 – Increase the feedback and apply changes taken from students. I feel as if there are many issues, which students have identified, that have not been recognized by the school. Timeline for Goal 3 – All year.
Isadora Figueroa – Candidate for President of Class of 2019 Campaign Goal 1:  Improve the communication between the grade as a whole. I want everyone’s opinions and inputs so that I can make choices favoring the majority of the grade. It won’t just be what I want, it’s about what you want. I want to start using social media more efficiently so that our grade is always connected and informed. Don’t want anyone left out :)) Goal 1 Timeline:  Starting on the first day of school I’ll have a Facebook/Instagram class page ready, improving communication year round.
Campaign Goal 2:  Increase spirit and participation. The homecoming dance was almost cancelled this school year because of a lack of school spirit. I want to make sure this doesn’t happen again by promoting school spirit in any way possible. Goal 2 Timeline:  This is something that usually peaks during homecoming week, and then drops for the rest of the year. I want to keep this school spirit up the entire year.
Campaign Goal 3:  Class Unity!!! We only have 2 more years left together, so I really want to make them count. I’m going to suggest different activities or traditions that our grade will have so that we get to know each other better and enjoy one another’s company. Goal 3 Timeline:  Class meeting will be scheduled in the first two weeks of the school year to get everyone involved. Activities will occur on different days year round.
Kyle Gittler – Candidate for President of Class of 2019 Campaign goal 1: I plan to ensure students receive their class sweatshirts promptly next year. Goal 1 Timeline: Students will receive their class sweatshirts before winter break begins so they are useful. Campaign goal 2: I plan to ensure students can wear school appropriate sweatpants throughout the year. Goal 2 Timeline: I hope to achieve this by November. Campaign goal 3: I plan to ensure students can go eat lunch during the beginning of their free period if its during Middle School lunch. Goal 2 Timeline: I hope to achieve this by October
Vice President of Class of 2019 – Candidates: Saavan Kamlani and Marlon Robins

Saavan Kamlani – Candidate for Vice President of Class of 2019
1. Hold more grade gatherings that bring the grade closer together. – These will be planned with our class sponsor, as well Upper School administrators. The activities will be fun and enjoyable but at the same time, will bring everyone together. 2. Form some system or council that implements students “desires or opinions.” For example, if a group of students believe that something should be changed – they can go to the council, make a case for themselves and the council works with adminstrators to solve that problem. I believe that
in addition to the fact that students should be able to voice their opinions about the school, they should be able to implement new rules, policies, etc. with the help of the Dean of Students, Priniple, and Headmaster. 3. Create more opportunities for students to get involved with community service. I still see students struggling to get their service hours, during the last few weeks leading up to the service deadline. I think that if the Student Government can work with the CSB to create more opportunities, everyone will be successful in meeting the required amount of hours. This is year long, depending on organizations we choose to work with we will have activities out of school, on the weekends, etc.
Marlon Robins – Candidate for Vice President of Class of 2019 Campaign Goal 1 The primary goal as class vice president is the proper representation of the wishes, desires, and needs of the class of 2019. This position is a service position and I must be the voice of my class.
Campaign Goal 2 I would like to make student government a more relatable and accessible feature of this school. Currently and in past years student government has been a isolated select group members of the class. They do not relate to their other classmates or represent the majority of the class population. I will bring in everyone to participate and have their voice heard.
Campaign Goal 3
There are many small things that need slight adjustment. The one that comes to mind as I’m writing this is the inefficiency of the closing of the backdoors of the library. This causes problems and is not done for the benefit of the students. This is just one small example of little tweaks that could be improved if looked at by another set of eyes and open ears to the voice of the students.
Public Relations Director of Class of 2019 – Candidate: Mia Elortegui
Mia Elortegui – Candidate for Public Relations Director of Class of 2019 -Campaign Goal 1: Actually use the class Instagram to post things for the grade and make a class Snapchat -Goal 1 Timeline: I plan on using this year round.
-Campaign Goal 2: Plan something we can do as a grade like a class field trip either in the state or out of the state, something we do during the day like an activity, or a service project that involves the whole grade. -Goal 2 Timeline: I plan on having a grade activity once a month and a field trip twice during the school year, one at the beginning and one towards the end.
-Campaign Goal 3: Get class T-Shirts. -Goal 3 Timeline: Hopefully at the beginning of the year that way we can use them all year.
Program Director for Class of 2019 – Candidates: David Burger and Kyle Garg
David Burger – Candidate for Program Director of Class of 2019 -Campaign Goal 1: Class Jackets/polos Goal 1 timeline: I would like to start designing the shirts and jackets by September and then start order them by October.
-Campaign Goal 2: Junior days- Throughout the year I would like to have certain Wednesdays dedicated to the junior class. During extend advisory on certain days instead of just going to advisory or just having an extra long break all the junior to meet in smurfit hall or even the gym. During the time there will be food and beverage. The junior class will go over upcoming events and just catch up with each other. The goal of this activity is to get the class closer together.
Goal 2 timeline: I would like to start planning the events with other class reps by mid september. Depending on how the planning goes we should start doing the events by October/November. -Campaign Goal 3: Junior optional service trip- For students who need extra service hours there will be opportunity for those students to get the hours by going to different place like the lotus house and helping out with the community they visit. Goal 3 timeline: The Junior optional service hours will start during march when the students have to start making sure they have all there necessary hours.

-David Burger
Kyle Garg – Candidate for Program Director of Class of 2019

My name is Kyle Garg. I am running for program director of the rising junior class.
Campaign goal 1: My first goal as program director will be too analyze the budget of our grade and find a way to spend it for something we all enjoy. There is no position of treasurer for student government, but the budget that pays for class sweatshirts is there. I would encourage a vote on what this is spent on whether it be sweatshirts, sweatpants, polos, or activities. Goal 1 Timeline: I would want to begin this process early so we can start the year off with something we want, I would do this in August and September.
Campaign goal 2: My second goal will be to keep homecoming organized. Every year homecoming becomes stressful for student government and their classmates. As program director I would take requests for participation and encourage everyone to participate, while still remaining competitive with the seniors. Goal 2 Timeline: This would take place throughout and before homecoming.
Campaign goal 3: My third goal as program director would be to institute a program where on certain days, students can sign up and pay to have food delivered. Each time would be a different restaurant and would be paid for entirely by the student body. Goal 3 timeline: I would try to have this program begin in the first months of school and continue throughout the year.

Student Government Representatives for Class of 2019 – Candidates: Isabella Allen, Alexa Altman, and Eduardo Dana
Isabella Allen – Candidate for Student Government Representative for Class of 2019 I plan to make my class prepared for every event throughout the year. Especially durning homecoming week. I plan to share my class’ interest and needs in all the meetings throughout the year. I plan to advocate for what my class wants whether it’s to create more school spirit, have a greater attendance at school events, or to bring the food trucks back.
Alexa Altman – Candidate for Student Government Representative for Class of 2019 1) I promise to speak with MCDS administration about the use of sweatpants.
2) I promise to get the 2019 class sweatshirts before the end of the year so that the upcoming juniors are able to wear them during the year.
3) I promise to put forth effort into adjusting the midterm schedule and how it interferes with the high school’s winter break. Having exams before our break was much more relieving and gave us a much more relaxed and enjoyable vacation. Eduardo Dana – Candidate for Student Government Representative for Class of 2019 Campaign Goal 1: If elected class representative, I ensure that our class sweatshirts will be distributed in a timely manner.
Goal 1 Timeline: On/ by December 2017
Campaign Goal 2: I plan to have many events throughout the year to meet as a grade in which food will be given to anybody who would like.
Goal 2 Timeline: This would occur on a monthly basis.
Campaign Goal 3: If elected, I ensure that students will not have to pay for homecoming things like beads or masks. Instead, this would be taken care of from our class budget.
Goal 3 Timeline: Students would receive these items prior to the beginning of homecoming.