Results Are In – Your Officers for the 2017/18 School Year…

The results are in!

The results are in!

The run-off for the Class of 2020 VP and Program Director will take place this Friday in advisory.  Congratulations to all of the winners.


Student Government and Class Councils – 2017-2018

Student Government President: Alex Sayfie

Student Government Vice President: Ryan Finvarb

Student Government Public Relations Director: Daniel Gallup

Student Government Program Director: Danny Strouse


Class Councils and SGA Representatives 2018

President 2018: John Sayfie

Vice President 2018: Harrison Stier

Program Director 2018: Cale Bulman

Public Relations Director 2018: Izzy Goihman

Student Government Representatives 2018: Daniel Dana and Gaby Nayor


Class Councils and SGA Representatives 2019

President 2019: Isadora Figueroa

Vice President 2019: Marlon Robins

Program Director 2019: David Burger

Public Relations Director 2019: Mia Elortegui

Student Government Representatives 2019: Isabella Allen, Alexa Altman


Class Councils and SGA Representatives 2020

President 2020: Helena Perez

Vice President 2020: Run-Off: Stevie Port, Amaris Ríos

Program Director 2020: Run-Off: Anika Boano, Asha Yearwood

Public Relations Director 2020: Ananda Neves-Penkwitt

Student Government Representatives: Shaina Bassan, Jack Finvarb


Class Councils and SGA Representatives 2021

President 2021: Gabriela Abramowitz

Vice President 2021: Natalie Berman

Program Director 2021: Alex McMillan

Public Relations Director 2021: Giulianna Bruce

Student Government Representatives: Dhillon Murphy, Andrew Weaver