I.C.E.’s Spartan Cup Deadline Moved to Friday December 15



Have you ever thought about inventing a product? Creating a career for yourself? Starting a company? Sharing the ideas of your innovative young mind with the rest of the world? Miami Country Day has just the option for you!

The Innovation, Creativity, and Entrepreneurship (I.C.E.) Initiative is an innovative program begun in 2013 at Miami Country Day School, open to all students from PK3 to 12th grade. The goal of the Initiative is to help students bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life by connecting them with faculty, alumni, parent and community mentors who can share their knowledge about the business world. Simply put, the I.C.E. Initiative gives students the opportunity to develop their practical business skills and exposes them to financial and investment opportunities. Besides the mentoring side, there are other activities including a business plan contest.

Each year I.C.E. sponsors a competition called the Spartan Cup. This year it takes place January 29th, with registration closing on December 15th. Much like our own version of “Shark Tank,” says I.C.E. Director and faculty member Karen Davis, “students compete in front of judges for a chance to win and go on to represent MCDS at the 12-school interscholastic competition.” Judges have all had successes in their respective fields and include alumni, start-up experts, inventors and financiers.

There are just five easy steps you have to complete to develop your ingenious I.C.E. project:

    1. Formulate! Think about the concept behind your idea, talk to people, look at the market and competition.
    2. Propose! Fill out the online application found in the link below. https://www.miamicountryday.org/page/List-Detail?pk=80912&fromId=229760
    3. Interview! Once you have pitched your idea, you will be invited to an interview to discuss and pitch your project.
    4. Mentor Assignment! After your successful interview, you will be assigned with an expert in the area that can help you with the area you need most help in.
    5. Review! To get the most out of your project, you and your mentor will work together to review your I.C.E. project to make sure that it is living up to its best potential.

Submit your registration proposal online by Friday, December the 15th, 2017 to enter the January 29th competition or anytime simply to join the ICE Initiative mentoring program. Create your project and become successful in the business world before you even graduate high school!