New Schedule: The Verdict is IN


Photograph by Taisa Strouse

Student checks her schedule

After much speculation and discussion about a new schedule, Head of School Dr. John Davies revealed his decision in a letter addressed to faculty and administration.  We will have an “eight day rotation in the Lower and Middle School and the trimester schedule in the Upper School.”

Thanking all those who contributed to this decision, Dr. Davies said that while there was an enormous amount of research conducted, including visiting other schools to see various models in practice,  the schedule will remain as selected last May:  a (3x 5) trimester.  “The 3 refers to the number of ‘mesters’… the 5 refers to the number of tracks in a day,” he clarified.

Davies was keen to address the community’s concerns about the different choices for possible scheduling changes, including whether 5+ mods was a good fit and if “5, 6 or 7 mods was simply too much change.” The copious amount of time they spent considering these concerns is why the committee took  extra time to arrive at the same decision they had before this year’s discovery process began.

Overall, various committees comprised of students, faculty, administration and Dr. Davies handled the decision well. He explains that upon observation of the different schools the Scheduling Committee visited, they learned that in order for the modules to work, “there needs to be an intensive effort to educate our parents as well as our students and explains “there must be a high level of trust.” This certainly displays that the committees have done their research and are ready to implement it to their best of their ability.

Sophomore Camryn Davis, who went on one of the trips to see modular schedules in action, was happy with the inclusive nature of the decision-making.  “It shows that the school values their students and teachers. Since they are the ones living out the schedule everyday it’s really important to include them.”

The only questions left right now are: “Why this change? Will this new schedule actually benefit the students and faculty of Miami Country Day School? If so, how?”