The No Midterm, Midterm


Due to the time lost because of Hurricane Irma, midterms this year have been split between the two semesters. According to Ms. Jill Robert, chair of the Math, Science and Technology department here at MCDS, the only end of term exams taking place this semester will be Foreign Language and English. Teachers of these subjects have until December 22nd, to give an end of term test or an alternative assessment. There will be no week devoted to midterms. All assessments will be done in class with the usual scheduling.

Madame Schultz had her French students complete projects, whereas other teachers, like Ms. Dorn opted for a more formal exam. Next semester the exams for math, science and history will take place. However, this will not affect the mock exams taken by AP students in the second semester. This was considered necessary because there was a “feeling of angst among the teachers about not being able to cover the material needed to ensure students will be successful” as stated by Ms.Robert.    

Some teachers, despite not giving a “midterm,” gave an exam this week causing the stress level to be high and perhaps for a good reason. The intention was to only have foreign languages and English give midterm assessments but other teachers decided to assess anyway, just without the separate grading as a standalone grade. Student Karen Rosenbloom admits,  “the absence of the formal midterm assessment was meant to relieve stress for students, but because of the absence [time lost during Irma] we are receiving more exams and tests on top of our regular workload in the final week before break, which is more stressful than a traditional midterm week would be of only assessments.”