Get the Facts, Then Vote TODAY!



Photograph by ksd

While voting in person won’t happen this year, you still have a chance to vote for your class and SGA officers on Friday during Advisory.

Student Government and Student Council elections have commenced! With many students proposing the same ideas about  chicken in the kitchen, sweatpants, and college sweaters, one has to wonder:  what does the student body of Upper School really want? “I won’t know who I’ll vote for until I listen to the speeches,” exclaims a group of 10th graders excited to vote. Voting with an open mind is crucial, rather than voting for a candidate because you feel an obligation to do so.

The main purpose of our student government is to be the voice for the class for organizing school events like prom and homecoming, although, for some, it seem sthe “title” is what they care about. The current student government candidates have been very active with handing out stickers, posters, slogans, but are all the candidates up to the task?  When some students were asked why they were running for student government, a few responded with “Just because…”, “Why not?”, “college resume” and “It looks good”. Make sure you ask yourselves before voting if you’re voting for popularity or for someone who understands the role. Are your chosen candidates in it for the title of class officer or for the experience?

Are there any requirements for running for student government?

Students must hand in a handout with the consent of their parents, three current teachers, and forty of their peers in the Upper School. Moreover, this student may not be in any academic probation and must have completed the school’s service hour requirement. All candidates must turn in three goals with timelines for each goal and include a brief description of each motive.

What can lead to disqualification?

Student government elections try to stay fair by keeping a fifty-dollar budget on their campaign, not being allowed to “buy” votes by distributing any items (although stickers and/or buttons are allowed), and only being allowed to post campaign posters/flyers with teacher’s consent. Candidates’ speeches must not include any unsportsmanlike or unethical language. They must also run alone. Running in teams is strictly forbidden. Most importantly, students are not allowed to speak badly of opponents or post any illicit comments anywhere.

Election Day: TODAY May 9th

Wednesday, May 9th, candidates running for student body positions will present their speeches to the Upper School in the gym. Afterwards, Student Government candidates for each class will present their speeches to their grade.

Juniors:  Amphitheater; Sophomores:Chickee Hut; Freshmen: Stay in gym. It is one of the most important parts of the elections as many students in Upper School.

Voting Procedures:

Voting will occur in the SAC during lunch Wednesday May 9th. With a quick check in a box you can vote for your preferred student body candidates and class candidates!

** With all transparency, it must be known that the writer of this article is running for office.