Meet Your Spartacus Staff!


Some Smiling Spartacus Staff

As The Spartacus continues to grow, here is a look at this year’s current editors and staff writers:

Sofia Paredes- Campus News Editor (Main Section)

Taisa Strouse- Sports Editor

Daniel Gallup- Arts and Entertainment Editor

Evelyn Abramowitz- Spartan Speak Editor (Op-Ed)

Saavan Kamlani- Spartan TV Editor

Maria Silva- Online Editor

Gabriella Marchesani- Staff Writer

Sophia Gostfrand- Staff Writer & Poll Creator

Josef Frenkel — Staff

Giulianna Bruce- Staff Writer

Maria Pia Onorato- Staff Writer

Abbey Tomkinson- Staff Writer

Tamara Bhardwaj– Staff

Nico Palop — Photographer

Andrea Holder – Staff

Ms. Davis — Adviser

Feel free to approach one of us if you ever have a story idea or would like to know more about something that is happening at our school. The Spartacus welcomes guest writers as well, so if you would like to write something to share with the MCDS community, we would love to work with you on that. The Spartacus is a place where MCDS students can share their passions and opinions, and you do not need to be part of the staff to do that. If you are interested in joining our staff, come to one of our weekly Thursday lunch meetings in the broadcasting room, FC 204.

Make sure to keep up with The Spartacus not only through our website, which you can access in the resources section of My Country Day, but also through our Facebook page, @thespartacus, and our new Instagram, @spartacusmcds.