How Stressed Are We?

What Our Last Poll Revealed

Too much work causing stress?

Photograph by TBD

Too much work causing stress?

As midterms are approaching and the semester is coming to an end, students have different levels of stress. In the last Spartacus poll, we wanted to gauge on-campus tension. We asked “Do you feel stressed? If so, how much?” The options were: “Nah, I can handle the pressure,”  “All the time!,” “About 50% of the time,” “Only when I have too much homework, tests and sports events all in the same week,” and  “Maybe 25% of the time.” 😫

Of the 27 who responded, 46% of voters feel stressed all the time! Fewer than  20% of the respondents said they feel stressed about 50% of the time. Another 17% feel stressed only when they have a lot of assignments while 17% of voters feel they can handle the pressure of stress. And last but not least, 4% of voters feel stressed a quarter of the time. Overall, high school can be a stressful time, or maybe you’re good at handling the pressure. Either way, there are other students out there who feel the same way, so you are not alone.